Hinterkind #4 Review

by @thejedster on Jan 9, 2014

Deep beneath the earth, captives Prosper and Angus must escape the crudely patched hands of Colonel Doctor Godwin before they share a far more worse fate than dying.

The Good

We find out more in this issue who the mysterious (and horrendous) third group of “patchwork” survivors are. We also learn just how far these characters will go to make sure they survive and it’s quite disturbing. I do hope we get to see them play a bigger role as it would be interesting to have three main groups (humans, hinterkind and patchwork survivors) trying to outwit and outlive each other. We do get a small picture of that here, especially with Starla and her group infiltrating the patchwork compound and getting into a scuffle with the survivors.

There’s also an abrupt, but still a bit shocking, death in the very beginning of the issue. I get the feeling that any character can be fair game to die and I like that in a story.

The Not So Good

I felt like the patchwork survivors in this issue weren't as terrifying as in the last issue. Mercilessly incinerating captives in issue three made me really tense, but in this issue I didn’t quite feel the same. I suppose it was the explanation of who the patchwork survivors are that broke the tension from the last issue. I also felt like that sense of broken tension turned the patchwork survivors from truly frightening characters into seemingly archetypal James Bond-esque villains.

The Bottom Line

With three groups intersecting now in the post-apocalyptic world of Hinterkind, survival is the only thing on everyone’s mind. It’s become apparent, especially in this issue, that beings will go to great lengths and cross dangerous lines to ensure their place in the world. Though there were some problems I had with this issue, I still recommend Hinterkind to any fans of post-apocalyptic and modern fantasy stories.

3.7 / 5
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Hinterkind #4
Released January 8, 2014
Writer Ian Edginton
Artist Francesco Trifogli
Cover Artist Greg Tocchini

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