The Walking Dead #119 Review

by @mikebiyad on Jan 8, 2014

After a bit of a wait, we finally get back to 'All Out War'

The Good

I've come to a conclusion that there really is no such thing as a bad issue of The Walking Dead. This isn't me being a huge fanboy and just saying I love The Walking Dead so much, because there are things that they do wrong sometimes, but I say this because Kirkman has built such a great universe within these 119 issues that he has put out, that you feel like you are part of it while you read. I'm saying this because quite frankly I thought I was going to give this issue a fairly negative review until about half way through.

This issue sees the group getting ready as they know being attacked is imminent. Ezekiel is still mourning the death of Shiva as Rick returns back to the survivors. Soon enough Negan comes and attack, and although it is not unexpected entirely, it was not expected to be this soon. I personally did not think I was going to see it in this issue.

The writing and the art in this issue are both great. Kirkman is able to get his point across without using any cheesy dialogue, and Adlard always does a great job of showing such emotion without using any color. We also get an awesome unexpected twist at the end.

The Not So Good

The book starts off at a very slow pace. After all the crazy fast paced action we've been seeing lately it was a little bit of a bummer to have to wait even longer than usual and then starting off so slow, however the book picks up towards the middle, and it turns out to be great.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we can ultimately be happy that we have more of The Walking Dead now that the holidays have passed. With it being back on its biweekly schedule we won't have to wait too long to see what happens after the great cliffhanger on the last page. I'm giving The Walking Dead 119 a 3.8/5

3.8 / 5
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The Walking Dead #119
Released January 8, 2014
Writer Robert Kirkman
Artist Charlie Adlard
Cover Artist Charlie Adlard

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