Pretty Deadly #3 Review

by @thejedster on Jan 2, 2014

What will happen when the beast, a spawn born from a thousand violent deaths, is born from a river of blood?

The Good

We finally find out who exactly Ginny, Fox and Sissy are in this issue and it's explained in such a great way. This is one of the awesome things I’m liking about Pretty Deadly: you’re never given any direct answers but instead you find out through heavy allusion thanks to DeConnick’s clever, poetic writing, Rios’ great visual storytelling and Bellaire’s sumptuous colors. However, though some questions are answered, DeConnick doesn’t show all of her cards just yet and offers plenty of mysteries that have yet to be revealed. By the way, I’ve been loving the wrap-around covers these first three issues and the back of this issue may cause some chills to run down your spine!

The Not So Good

Amazingly, I really can’t think of a single bad thing about this issue! It’s THAT good.

The Bottom Line

I really can’t emphasize enough how masterful this book is turning out to be and how you need to be reading this title. There’s a lot of depth that’s waiting to be explored and I’m certain DeConnick has more tricks up her sleeves that will undoubtedly surprise and shock us. This book is too good to ignore.

5.0 / 5
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Pretty Deadly #3
Released December 18, 2013
Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick
Artist Emma Rios
Cover Artist Emma Rios

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