Damian: Son of Batman #3 Review

by @DocBenway on Jan 1, 2014

Damian’s Dark Knight try-out continues to go pretty poorly in this fun romp through a Bat Future that probably will never be.

The Good

As Andy Kubert settles into his take of future Gotham, the think that strikes me is that it doesn't really seem all that far-fetched. Why wouldn't Damian eventually don the cowl and, considering his the other half of his lineage, it would have to be a prey rough transition. The don’t kill the bad guys rule doesn't come easy for Damian and it is interesting to see him working hard to adapt his approach to be less lethal. My favorite new addition this month is a talking cat that seems to channel some combination of Bruce’s experience and Alfred’s wit. This unnamed feline has usurped Titus as my favorite bat pet… okay, still not cooler than Bat-Cow but close. Kubert’s still got the gas pedal jammed on the floor (quite literally as Damian tangles with Pyg’s henchmen in a high jacked school bus) and it’s a great ride for comic fans. The two page splash when Damian drops a boot into one of the baddies chops is simply stunning. Kubert is just nailing every page and panel of this book. No moment is wasted and no opportunity to add richness and detail is missed. This was such a high risk concept and I’m just thrilled to see it done so well. I really didn’t want to be disappointed and this series has been great. It’s with a slight twinge of disappointment that I wait for the final installment next month.

The Not So Good

What happened to the weird nurse? I think we figured out what she did, but I was looking forward to seeing someone silence that trashy accent. How did she manage to work her way into the mansion? Here’s another thing that’s been getting to me: when did Damian decided to become a Catholic and go to confession? Considering the lighting pace on this, I’m guessing that we’ll never see some of these loose ends wrap up. It’s enough to make me wish that this was all being done within continuity just so we could see where Andy would take things on a 12-24 issue run.

The Bottom Line

Kubert is three for three in this miniseries. Each book has been a fine read and would make fine primers for many of today’s working artists (including some of the folks on other Bat titles). Unless the ending is a bomb, this will be a classic story line in Bat-lore.

4.5 / 5
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Damian: Son of Batman #3
Released January 1, 2014
Writer Andy Kubert
Artist Andy Kubert
Cover Artist Andy Kubert

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