Pretty Deadly #2 Review

by @thejedster on Jan 2, 2014

You can be sure that if you sing her song, Ginny will ride for you on the wind. And expect a lot of blood to be spilled in the process.

The Good

My absolute favorite part of this entire issue was the big fight scene in the middle of the book. It was one of the most brilliant action sequences I have ever read in comics. The fight sequence felt very much like something you’d read out of a Japanese manga: brutal, epic, fast-paced, yet equally elegant and beautifully executed thanks to the creative panel use in this series. Even the pages building up to the big fight were intense and dramatic. I really hope we get more amazing, action-heavy scenes like this one in future issues.

We're also introduced to Ginny, who was shown very briefly in the first issue and we get a pretty good idea of who she is as a character and just how awesome she can be. We also get to see more of Big Alice, some foreshadowing about Sissy’s past and that Lily knows a lot more than she's letting on.

The Not So Good

We're introduced to a couple new characters, the Night Maid and the Day Maid but they only appear for a single page and that's it. Not much further explanation about who they are and how they play into the story, but I'm hoping we find out more about them later.

The Bottom Line

Wow, I was just blown away. I was a little worried that this issue would drag but man, I was not expecting this much intensity at all. First part of this issue starts off a little slow but quickly turns into an explosive and magnificent spectacle that caught me off guard. This issue justified my adding Pretty Deadly to my pull list, and you'd be crazy not to add it to yours as well. Get this book!

5.0 / 5
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Pretty Deadly #2
Released November 27, 2013
Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick
Artist Emma Rios
Cover Artist Emma Rios

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