Pretty Deadly #1 Review

by @thejedster on Jan 2, 2014

Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Emma Rios take you on a dark and unforgiving trip through a western world filled with mystery, folklore and terror.

The Good

My goodness, just the cover of this issue alone should be enough reason to buy it. Emma Rios’ intricate artwork and Jordie Bellaire’s textured, pastel colors are phenomenal and downright gorgeous. The harsh, dry, old western setting is portrayed in a very bleak manner that’s befitting of the story DeConnick is telling.

I’m also enjoying DeConnick’s writing in this first issue: it’s very poetic in style and dark in “taste”. If Pretty Deadly were a beer, it’d definitely be a Guinness. The story that Sissy tells of the Mason, Beauty, Death and Death's child Ginny is haunting and definitely integral to the plot. And it's the plot, as told through Sissy's story, that carries a heavy sense of foreboding and terror that you know is's just a matter of when.

We’re introduced to quite a few characters: Butterfly, Bunny, Ginny, Johnny, Fox, Sissy, Big Alice and Sarah. Each of these characters are well-designed and you can feel that there’s a lot of weight and depth to them. We see some bits of their personalities in this first issue, but I’m sure we’ll get to know them more in coming issues.

The Not So Good

The first read-through left me fairly confused, to be honest. There’s a lot that’s going on story-wise and the amount of panels in a single page felt a bit overwhelming at some parts. DeConnick throws a lot of lore and vagueness that it may be off-putting for some, but it’s not impossible to understand what’s happening. A few more read-throughs helped clear the the heavy fog a bit, but there’s still a lot of story that has yet to be explained.

The Bottom Line

Though a bit heavy to swallow story-wise, I’m really intrigued where Pretty Deadly is heading. I love the beautiful artwork, interesting use of panels and ominous tone. I’m looking forward to the next issue!

3.8 / 5
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Pretty Deadly #1
Released October 23, 2013
Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick
Artist Emma Rios
Cover Artist Emma Rios

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