Umbral #2 Review

by @thejedster on Dec 20, 2013

Rascal narrowly escapes the Red Palace and the Umbral, but you can only run so far from the darkness before it catches up to you.

The Good

Anthony Johnston continues to keep me intrigued as to where the story of Umbral is going: there are so many possible directions and uncertainties that wherever this story will take me, I know it’s bound to surprise me. The well-executed visuals of Christopher Mitten’s textured line art and John Rauch’s beautiful use of purples and dark colors continue to pull me into the dark world of Fendin. I can’t help but actually feel a tangible sense of gloominess and creeping terror as I’m reading this book. Also, the fast-paced action sequences kept me tense that I just had to keep turning the page. Things start off pretty bad in the first issue but the last page cliffhanger in this issue lets you know that it’s about to get much worse. Much, much worse.

The Not So Good

Granted this is still the second issue, I can’t help but feel that more questions are being raised and not a whole lot of answers being given. Just how much power do the Umbral have? What exactly are the pieces of Mist? Who is Dalone? Why does Rascal have a personal hatred for magic? I’m giving Johnston the benefit of a doubt though that we’ll get some explanations in the proper time. Also, I felt like some panels were a bit too messy that I couldn’t even understand what exactly was happening. I likewise was hoping to find out what was going on in the first two pages by the end of the issue, but strangely there was no resolution.

The Bottom Line

Umbral #2 continues to shock, unnerve and keep us guessing as to what will happen next. Despite some story and artistic hiccups that kept this issue from having a perfect score, I still found Umbral #2 a great read and I’m still surprised that an issue this rich in story and visuals is just $2.99! I highly recommend this book!

3.8 / 5
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Umbral #2
Released December 18, 2013
Writer Antony Johnston
Artist Christopher Mitten
Cover Artist Christopher Mitten

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