Black Science #2 Review

by @DocBenway on Dec 19, 2013

Grant McKay and crew hop to a violent, trench warfare dimension as Remender and crew ease up on the gas and try to let us in on the characters behind this story.

The Good

The first issue of Black Science was all action and anthropomorphic frog strippers. Not a bad way to kick off a new science fiction series in my humble opinion. In this issue, Remender slows the action, increases the amount of dialog and spends time fleshing out some of the characters. We learn that Kadir is at least as much of an egomaniac as Grant, Chandra is Kadir’s lapdog, Rebecca (I think it’s her) smokes ganja in her underwear and Shawn defuses tension with bad jokes. Scalera and White’s opening sequence is loaded with extreme close up’s, inverted color schemes and mix of angularity and voluptuous smoke plumes that make an otherwise innocuous exchange quite striking. There is a harmony between the writing and rendering in this book that hold promise for the future of this creative partnership.

The Not So Good

Remender crammed all of the character development he left out of issue one into this month’s installment and it makes for a rough read. There are way too many characters to pay attention to and, with everyone dressed in the same style of space suit, not much to help distinguish them. If he had spent at least a little time on someone other than Grant in the first issue this wouldn't feel so rushed. It seems like the goal of this issue was to give us a one sentence summary of everyone in the book. While this does a fine job of conveying the stress of the situation the crew is in it makes it hard for readers to invest in them as personalities. This team needs to find some balance in their storytelling so that this book can live up to its potential.

The Bottom Line

The concept and creative team are very strong on this book and we could all use another strong science fiction title to read every month. Hopefully Remender and crew can find a way to strike a better balance between character development and relaying the action.

3.5 / 5
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Black Science #2
Released December 18, 2013
Writer Rick Remender
Artist Matteo Scalera
Cover Artist Matteo Scalera

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