Scarlet Spider #25 Review

Before heading down to Mexico, Kaine takes one last romp in Houston.

The Good

The art by David Baldeon is fantastic. He creates an almost animated look without becoming too goofy or cartoonish. Added to David Baldeon's art is a great cover by Ryan Stegman, Stegman delivers a solid cover that captures the spirit of this book quite nicely. The story itself is solid, with plenty of witty banter between Kaine and Aracely that fans of the series have come to expect. Speaking of witty lines, a great line from Breaking Bad pops p in the book and really makes this book feel like it is existing in our own world and not some fantastic one.

The Not So Good

Typos and blatant errors plague this book. These wouldn't be such a big deal if this wasn't a final issue, which should be the best the book has to offer in order to go out with a bang. Speaking of going out with a bang, this book is more of a loud pop than a true bang. It feels less like a final issue and more like a rushed wrap up, which a series as good as this shouldn't end its run with. Another small point that might make the first few panels a bit confusing is a lack of captioning to indicate when these scenes are taking place. This throws the books pacing off a bit at the beginning, as you have to adjust your thoughts after you realize what is truly going on.

The Bottom Line

This series deserved a grand finale that wrapped up all the loose ends and set the main characters up for their future in the Marvel Universe, unfortunately that isn't what we have in this book. While we did indeed get a series finale that wrapped up loose ends, there isn't a sense of grandness and so this book ends with nothing more than a loud whimper. The typos and mistakes really hurt this book, as it makes it seem rushed and unimportant to the higher ups at Marvel. While this is a definite buy for fans of the series, there is no real reason for anyone else to pick this book up.

3.5 / 5
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Scarlet Spider #25
Released December 18, 2013
Writer Christopher Yost
Artist David Baldeon
Cover Artist Ryan Stegman

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