Black Science #2 Review

by @mikebiyad on Dec 18, 2013

All hopes for Black Science are slowly going down the drain.

The Good

Black Science is a weird book, that seems to tell a decent story when it stays on track. This book is definitely a bit better than the first issue, which really wasn't that good at all. For all of you who were confused in the first issue, rest assured that, although this book may confuse you a little, much of it is explained more with this issue.

Once again the art in this book is just nothing spectacular, however it isn't anything to complain about either. The dark tone is clearly expressed from panel to panel.

The Not So Good

The fact of the matter is that nowadays people are going out on Wednesdays to buy a decent stack of books and are often spending a a decent amount of money. When people are going to spend their hard earned cash on a book they're probably going to read once they want to be able to get a story that has that wow factor, and this book just doesn't have that. It jumps from place to place and doesn't do much of a good job really explaining exactly what is going on. I will stick through the first arc in hopes that maybe the book will get better and explain more as it goes, because I really do believe that it has the potential to be something that is added to my pull list.

The Bottom Line

Overall I just don't think this book is something that can't be missed. If you're into the dark/gritty science fiction genre than maybe this book is something you'll enjoy, but I do believe the majority of comic readers, especially those with an obsession for all the greats Image has churned out over the years, this book just won't do it for you. I'm giving Black Science, once again, a 2.8/5.

2.8 / 5
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Black Science #2
Released December 18, 2013
Writer Rick Remender
Artist Matteo Scalera
Cover Artist Matteo Scalera

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