Superior Spider-Man #24 Review

by @mikebiyad on Dec 18, 2013

The Superior Spiderman shows his evil side when the venom symbiote takes over in Superior Spiderman #24

The Good

There's only two different types of spiderman fans when it comes to The Superior Spiderman on-going series. The one's who enjoy it, and will take the ride while they wait for Peter Parker to return, or the ones who hate it, and will just wait until the return of Peter Parker to return to Marvel's flagship Spider-Man series. Well unfortunately it doesn't look like Peter Parker is on his way back soon, however for that first group of fans we get a nice, action packed issue, which really puts this arc in its proper light. For those who have been reading this series since the beginning, it seems like a lot of things that have been going on are starting to reach their climax. Mary Jane shows her face and confronts Peter on his personality changes, The Green Goblin adds some drama to the book and seems to get his story line really rolling, Peter freaks out on Aunt May over the way she treated Anna Maria in issue 23, and throughout all these different story lines that are being fleshed out the venom symbiote has taken over the Superior Spiderman, letting lose a whole new kind of 'superior'. This issue really had a lot of excitement, and will have me begging for more of The Superior Spiderman in the coming weeks. This may also be a great way to get The Avengers involved, in hopes that maybe everyone will find out that this is not the real Peter Parker.

Ramos' art in the book hasn't changed, and it still has me coming back for more. I especially like this months cover, it just stands out on the shelf next to all the rest of this weeks books.

The Not So Good

With Ramos' cover portrayal of this 'Superior Venom' being so awesome, I was a bit disappointed with the overall portrayal of Venom in this book. Now maybe some people will argue that this isn't the biggest deal, and I'm just trying to find something to complain about, but when was the last time we really saw an evil Venom? With Marvel making Venom into a hero in their universe, I got excited to see the symbiote take over someone who wasn't going to be able to control it. Of course there are still a few cool panels with venom, including the full page splash we get towards the back of the book, but overall I was just a bit disappointed throughout.

The Bottom Line

Any one who's continually reading The Superior Spiderman will be quite pleased with issue 24, we get a lot of action, and a lot of fleshed out story that we may have been missing before. For those of you who haven't been reading this series and are itching for some great Spiderman story I recommend starting with this arc. I'm giving The Superior Spiderman #24 a 4/5.

4.0 / 5
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Superior Spider-Man #24
Released December 18, 2013
Writer Dan Slott
Artist Humberto Ramos
Cover Artist Humberto Ramos

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