Superior Spider-Man #24 Review

Otto Ocktavius has the hang of being Superior Spider-Man, but can he handle becoming a Superior Venom?

The Good

The cover is amazing! Humberto Ramos really captured the creepy and dangerous nature of venom with his cover art, while not making Venom looking goofy and over toothy as so many artist have in the past. The art inside is just as amazing, with every panel looking interesting and clean. The facial expressions done by Humberto are striking and you can really see and feel the emotions he was going for with each face. I also have to compliment the look of Superior Venom, as it captures an eerie vibe as well as remaining cool looking. Watching Otto lose more and more of his sanity to his ego and lust for power is very compelling.

The Not So Good

Like all issues of Superior Spider-Man, the constant almost figuring out Peter isn't really who he appears to be by his closest friends and family is frustrating. The fact that they haven't recognizes Peter isn't who he appears to be is an irritation, but it is only more annoying by the continual harping on the point. They don't suspect a thing ok, now just move on and focus on the things that make this book great, Otto faces off against former colleagues for one. I am also not so excited by yet another Green Goblin grand plan. I feel like the character has done everything he could during Dark Reign and they should try to focus on some other villain to be the big bad for Superior Spider-Man. I believe the Lobo Brothers are still on the loose.

The Bottom Line

Despite the few nit picks I had, this comic is very, very good. The art brings the characters to life, creating a creepy and cool version of Venom that I would love to see more of. The interaction between Peter and Aunt May just might bring about a new status quo for the Spidey-verse that hopefully remains intact after Peter returns as Spider-Man. Yes, Peter will return whether or not you prefer Otto in control. There is too much money invested in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie as well as the Spider-Man cartoons to keep Otto in control for much longer. That fact aside, this is a great book with a unique insight into a character who was nothing more than a crazy scientist a few years ago. I wouldn't just buy this issue, I would recommend pre-ordering the next one as well. Heck, if you can, put the title on your reserve list at your local comic shop to ensure you'll have a copy of every subsequent issue.

4.5 / 5
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Superior Spider-Man #24
Released December 18, 2013
Writer Dan Slott
Artist Humberto Ramos
Cover Artist Humberto Ramos

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