Coffin Hill #3 Review

by @Tom_Kray on Dec 18, 2013

An old nursery rhyme warns of the Coffin Witch. Ten years ago Eve’s friend fell victim to the witch now it’s happening again. The people of Coffin Hill don’t want to face the reality but as a Coffin Witch herself, Eve knows the truth of the nursery rhyme.

The Good

Eve’s returned to Coffin Hill and has forced herself into the police investigation of the latest kids to disappear in Coffin Woods. In this issue the energy and rebellion Eve had displayed as a teenager shows through in full force and after a somewhat stagnant issue 2 the story is shaping up. Eve seems to be setting herself up for an eventual confrontation with the Coffin Witch, who in turn is playing games with both her and Nate Finn (teenage friend and now police chief) by having them stumble across a pile of human skulls in the woods.

After spending the night with Nate, Eve goes to check in on another friend old friend, Mel, who is residing in an asylum. It’s an often-used trope, bordering on cliché, of the horror genre but it was used well here, nothing inside was dwelled on beyond need and Eve leaves again as quick as she came when it was clear Mel has lost the mental capacity of speak with her. That night though, Eve sneaks back into the asylum looking for an explanation for the unlikely death of a young patient and finds the head doctor carving ancient symbols into the flesh his dead patients. Knowing his work will be stopped if Eve escapes he puts his scalpel to her throat but is stopped by Mel who stabs the doctor with a scalpel of her own.

I’m really happy to see the events in 2013 really starting to gather momentum. After the fast pace of the first issue the sudden down shift in issue 2 was pretty jarring but now that we’re passed that, my hopes for Coffin Hill are being restored. Story aside I have to admire Miranda’s creative use of paneling, particularly the way he employs circular panels and has such clean looking pages despite panels constantly spilling into each other.

The Not So Good

While we finally see some action happening in issue 2 it mostly takes place in the back half of the book.

The Bottom Line

Issue 3 restored my hopes for Coffin Hill, putting issue 4 on my “to buy” list for next month.

3.5 / 5
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Coffin Hill #3
Released December 11, 2013
Writer Caitlin Kittredge
Artist Inaki Miranda
Cover Artist Dave Johnson

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