Coffin Hill #2 Review

by @Tom_Kray on Dec 18, 2013

It’s been ten years since her friends disappeared in Coffin Woods, Now Eve’s back only to find it’s happened again.

The Good

Issue 2 is primarily focuses on tying together past events and present events that have happened off the page. Issue 1 raised a lot of questions about what kind of world we were dealing with, and while it was hinted at now things have been made definitive. Issue 2 opens with the text box, “We were all witches, the Coffin women…” We’re starting to get some grounding for elements that were begun in the first issue as well as the kind world we’re in.

The Not So Good

Issue 1 was a tough act to follow, still I feel just a little let down by issue 2. Much of the page space is dedicated to drawing parallels between Eve in 2003 and a missing girl in 2013. I think there’s an emotional resonation that Kittredge was shooting for but it just isn’t working, we’ve only just met Eve in the last issue and we don’t know this new girl at all (except as a missing girl viewed through the eyes of Eve). Drawing parallels between them isn’t overly compelling at this point because they are both basically strangers to us, still.

Since the missing teenagers from 2003 were never found and presumed dead, merely mentioning that the disappearances were similar would have been enough to draw the conclusion these teens (less the witch) are likely dead as well. The result is the story feels like it just muddles about.

The Bottom Line

While Coffin Hill #2 felt bland after #1 I’m not ready to call it a one-hit-wonder. After all, #1 was an oversized issue and raised a lot of questions that #2 began answering, it just would have been nice if it had asked a few more of it’s own in the process. It’s not a knockout book but I think it will serve its purpose in the larger context of the story.

3.0 / 5
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Coffin Hill #2
Released November 13, 2013
Writer Caitlin Kittredge
Artist Inaki Miranda
Cover Artist Dave Johnson

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