Coffin Hill #1 Review

by @octii_pies on Nov 6, 2013

Everyone, even if it’s a little bit, is afraid of the dark. What do you do when that darkness is within you? Do you embrace it? The dark legacy through generations of leaving misery and blood in your wake?

The Good

We are introduced to Eve Coffin as she is in 2013. A rookie cop who possibly got lucky on a case or is really skilled. In this dramatic burst of pages, she comes off as down to Earth and serious; obviously angry, but keeping control even when situations are a tight rope. More in depth is a revelation of her past- young, rebellious, cynical Eve. Her family name brings foreboding even to those who didn’t know her family’s past. The sense that she has been and continues in the present time to fight this inherited darkness makes me wonder- is she supposed to overcome this inheritance or embrace it? She says those who embrace it live, so why did it seem like she had tried so much to run away from where her roots supposedly are? Other than the writing, the art style is almost gritty from their choices of putting muted against startling colors and very dramatic lines emphasizing movement and posture. It’s an effective combination.

The Not So Good

The characters supporting Eve in this series are dealt with an almost flippant attitude. I sense that her connection to them- both those in the past and present- will be explained, but in this issue her sarcasm and apathy makes it hard to see those support characters as anything other than a backdrop against which she tells us her tale.

The Bottom Line

I definitely want more. There are so many questions, so many unknown events. What exactly is this family curse? What happened all that time ago that she sought a different path in life through law enforcement? What is next for her now that she has decided to face the family history she seemed to have tried to walk away from? The “witch of Coffin Hill” they called her ancestor. A rich family with a lot of land and a long bloodline. All of which are cursed and shrouded in fear. This will probably play out more as a battle between Eve and herself, as such self-discovery themes often are, but I wonder how bystanders are affected by the journey? How many get hurt? And what does that do to Eve?

4.5 / 5
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Coffin Hill #1
Released October 9, 2013
Writer Caitlin Kittredge
Artist Inaki Miranda
Cover Artist Dave Johnson

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