Spider-man Homecoming Prelude #1

Spider-man Homecoming Prelude #1 Cover
Store Date
March 1, 2017
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Issue Notes
YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN SWINGS INTO THE MCU! PETER PARKER is just your average, nerdy, tech-loving teenager?until an unexpected turn of events lands him with the power to cling to walls and the proportionate strength of a spider! SPIDER-MAN's foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe begins here, with part one of an adaptation of the blockbuster Marvel's Captain America: Civil War, which sees a rift between CAPTAIN AMERICA and IRON MAN rend a schism between the Avengers?with Spider-Man in the middle of it all! Rated T
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Marvels Spider-man Homecoming Prelude 1,2 of 2 full set Marvel comic lot
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Marvel Spider-Man Homecoming Prelude # 1-2 COMPLETE SET -
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Spider-Man Homecoming Prelude TPB (Marvel) #1-1ST 2017 NM
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Unknown Condition Info
Spider-Man Homecoming Prelude (2017) #1 VF/NM (CBK016)
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Unknown Condition Info
Spider-man Homecoming Movie Prelude #1 Marvel Now Comics 2017
+ $3.12 Shipping
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Unknown Condition Info
+ $4.50 Shipping
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Unknown Condition Info

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