Dawn Vampirella #1 (Red Line Variant Cover) Cover

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  • Dawn Vampirella #1 (B&W Variant Cover) Cover
  • Dawn Vampirella #1 (Rare Virgin Linsner Cover) Cover
  • Dawn Vampirella #1 Cover

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Dawn Vampirella #1 (Red Line Variant Cover)

Dynamite Entertainment   Writer: Joseph Michael Linsner   Art: Joseph Michael Linsner   Cover: Joseph Michael Linsner

UPC: 72513022045501031   Diamond ID: JUL141059   GCIN: 930096

Our story begins when the silver tongued demon Masodik tricks and kidnaps both Dawn and Vampirella, written and drawn by Dawn creator Joseph Michael Linsner! He tells them that they are the 2 most beautiful women in all of the worlds, these two 'Bad Girls'. Their demon host demands a cat fight to see who is best suited to his purposes, but the ladies suggest something more feminine -- a storytelling contest. Together they take us to the bloody shores of Draculon, to post-apocalyptic New York and to worlds beyond imagination. Only Ravana knows what rewards and punishment await the winner and the loser in this duel of horror hostesses.

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