What are Variations?

A variation is an item that closely resembles another, but has minor differences. For example, a comic book may have been printed with two different covers. They are basically the same comic, but variations of one another. However, because they are not identical, GoCollect will treat the two different covered comic books as completely separate items in the comic books archive. Instead of merging the two items into one, the comics can be associated with one another so that they appear as variations of one another on their respective details pages.

Why separate the two items?

Separating them allows for a more robust and detailed archive. Our archives are designed to not only be points of reference for collectibles, but also stepping stones to facilitate buying, selling and trading amongst collectors. By separating variations into their own items, collectors can have a clearer idea of the exact items involved in any transaction.

How do variations get properly archived?

In order to create a variation link between two items, the GCIN (GoCollect Identification Number) of one item needs to be applied to the other. If you are archiving a new variation, you can use the item cloning tool (found in the bottom of the Archive Info box on any item) to create a new item based on an existing item's pre-configured information. Simply make the adjustments with that items details to distinguish it as a new variation and save it to the archive. You can then revisit the newly archived item and make the variation link between the two.

Can there be more than one variation of an item?

Yes. Although a variation link can only be created using one GCIN, other GCIN's can be assigned within the same variation pool. Let's imagine an example: Item A is a variation of Items B and C. Therefore, Items B and C are also variations of one another. So you can assign a variation link on Item A by entering the GCIN of Item B. You can then assign a variation link on Item C by entering the GCIN of either Item A or B. Once those links have been assigned, all three items will be in the same variation pool and will all appear as Known Variation references on the other items' pages. There is no limit as to the number of variations that can be assigned to a variation pool.

How are variations maintained?

Two ways: A collection moderator can make a variation link at any time or a user can "suggest" a variation link. If a variation is suggested, it gets put to a vote by the GoCollect community. If enough people vote to agree, the variation will stand. Otherwise, the variation link will be eliminated.

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