Casper And Wendy #1 (3 Copy Cover Retro Animation Reta)

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American Mythology Productions
Store Date
April 18, 2018
Cover Price
Jenni Gregory
S.A. Check
Cover Artist
Adrian Ropp
Issue Notes
Everyone's favorite friendly ghost revisits one of the original Harvey team ups in 'Casper And'! Each comic will feature a new Harvey pal as they find all kinds of hysterical mischief they can get into at Casper's side. This issue features fantastic tales of teamwork between Casper and Wendy the Good Little Witch. What hijinks can these two best of friends get up to? Find out here in a comic book series that is true to the original Harvey look and feel. Go back to your childhood and share modern tales with new generations of Casper fans! Casper And Wendy comes with four covers, Main by Jenni Gregory, Antis by Jeff Scherer, Best Friends by Adrian Ropp, and a special Retailer Retro Animation Incentive Edition.
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