X-Men Xmas

Norman G. Robinson III Dec 16, 2017
X-Men #134

Buy X-Men #134 written and penciled by the team of John Byrne and Chris Claremont both admitted masters of this medium. This story is the creation of the Dark Phoenix saga. The issue X-Men #134 is the first time Dark Phoenix appears. The primary story of the next big X-Men movie is Phoenix. The leading role is played by actress Sophie Turner. She will be perfect for Dark Phoenix. Anyone that watched her in Game of Thrones knows the extent of her talent and range. Apparently, the Dark Phoenix movie is set to come out November 2018.

I know they have tried this story in earlier movies, but the Phoenix story is a saga that should play out in several films. Most people that have read these X-Men comics know how good they are. In the past, idiotic directors have reduced this story to a mere subplot.

Reviewing the quantitative, issue X-Men #134 is ranked 71st most popular Bronze Age comic (GoCollect). Currently, a grade 8.5 for this comic is selling for $90 online on eBay. That is cheap for a direct tie-in to the movie, and a primary key that is almost 40 years old! Most of the grades in this book have risen sharply over the last two years.

This year’s Christmas gift to all X-Men fans is the recent acquisition of 21st Century Fox by Disney. Disney’s purchase sets in motion a mix of entrepreneurial and creative forces. Now the X-Men and FF can appear in the MCU together; because Disney will own all these characters and will positively integrate them into the existing universe. This is a beautiful X-Men Xmas present for fans. As one of the millions who grew up reading X-Men in the 1980’s; whom among us doesn’t want to see them mix it up with Avengers and Defenders? This is not to mention all the baddies in this new MCU milieu begging you to buy X-Men #134. Finally, some additional X-Men books to consider purchasing: X-Men #100 (beginning of Phoenix origin) has risen 21 spots recently (GoCollect), and X-Men #129 (Dark Phoenix saga begins).

Comic IED

The comic Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1 was over-speculated when published. Some comics just have bad karma, initially rising in price like a penny stock and then crashing and taking your money with it. Be aware, that newer comics even with small print runs tend to have more extreme turns in price. This is less true of older limited runs of Bronze Age and Silver Age comics.

By way of example, Dark Knight III #1 first issue (The Master Race) written by Frank Miller and art by Andy Kubert is a perfect example of a recent comic that fits mold of comic IED. This issue was in stores late 2015, and by Jan 6, 2016, had risen to $60 price tag in 9.8 grades (GoCollect). Now it can be purchased for around $21, maybe even less! I picked my copy up for $3 recently. These are just recorded sales. Imagine obtaining a 9.8 getting it to CGC only to have its value explode and completely disappear like a modern-day IED; all that is left is the destruction of your return and pocketbook. Bah humbug!

Speculator Gems

Going out of business sales are a great way to buy comics. Keep an eye on your social website page of choice, friend all the artists you encounter at conventions, or in comic shops and check local region for stores closing. Usually, the owners have everything 20 to 40% off, and you can even pick up some recent issues at steep discount off cover price. Always nice to walk out of a store with several comics worth more than the price you paid at the counter.

Care to Speculate?

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