X-Force Booster

Norman G. Robinson III Mar 27, 2018
X-Force #1

X-Force #1 has finally engaged the booster rockets with the drop of the Deadpool 2 movie trailer. Fabian Nicieza and Liefeld wrote the comic X-Force #1 (1991 First print purple cover). Liefeld did all the pencil work on this piece. It makes sense to have X-Force appear in the movie and try to recreate that magic. Apparently, Deadpool 2 is going to flip the Marvel world a bit and have Deadpool claim the team as his creation on the big screen rather than Cable. This makes sense given they are bringing these characters to life in a Deadpool movie.

The Deadpool movie trailer is the best one yet, and a must-see for you true Ryan Reynolds fans. Reynolds obviously gets it with Deadpool. His portrayal is spot on, just like the first Deadpool movie. After watching this trailer; I think we are in for another big movie hit. This will lead to even more ongoing Deadpool storylines. The movie catalyst is a lock; which will inevitably percolate prices upward for all related comic book material. Not the least of which is X-Force #1 the first titled series of the team that appears in Deadpool 2.

X-Force is a team of mutants that bands together to stop a variety of threats to other mutants and humans. Initially, I blew off this issue as 1991 oversaturated comic book, with too many copies. It's ubiquity, I assumed would significantly reduce its value. Boy, was I wrong! The CGC Census confirms this logic; in fact, the current census has a total of 649 slabbed comics. This is important because only 52 of them currently are near mint (9.8). Ultimately, this book is not presently overburdened with an excessive inventory of X-Force #1 CGC copies. What a pleasant surprise. Not many copies in census mean the potential for more gains before it tops out. Buy,  and hold until the next X-Force appearance on the big screen. That is when you should probably release it. The second round of hype or movie hysteria is the key. There are tons of these books out there, get "in and out like a duck mating" (Remo Williams).

Detailed analysis shows X-Force #1 selling for $275 ten days ago. One heck of an investment with an ROI trend of 88.7% growth. This substantial return is averaging around $182.44 for a near mint (9.8). That is only the good news; the great news is that almost every grade is participating in this ROI profit over the last two years. If you own a very fine minus (7.5) your return has been a whopping 35% (GoCollect). In the words of Cable, "Mission accomplished."(Wiki-Fandom).

New Mutants 98

This is an oldie but a goodie. The news in the blog above is as substantial for New Mutants #98 as it is for X-Force #1. First off, the movie will garner Deadpool more attention and fandom. It is going to spike yet again this first appearance. If you don't have a copy, then buy one. Though many were printed, this character will be around for the next 40 years or more.

Everyone knows this is the first appearance of Deadpool. But it also happens to be the first appearance of Domino. A cool character and original construct with bits of Longshot embedded with a mercenary skill set. Domino and New Mutants #98  will earn significantly more attention from this movie. Furthermore, the book has always been a three-fer. Buy one first appearance, get the second and third free. Gideon also has his first appearance in this comic as super-villain. This book is economical to say the least.

Investment returns have been positive for New Mutants #98 with a near mint averaging $799. Though the (9.8) category has been showing a slight 3% decline, possibly just ahead of itself for the upcoming movie. Every other grade has shown significant gains, as high as 29%. Bottom line this book is still a great deal, timeless smart aleck hero, a sexy mercenary (No, I am not talking about Deadpool!), and an immortal treacherous villain. New Mutants #98 has the makings of a great three bean soup of superheroes; care to try it?

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