Will Ant Man prices go Goliath?

Michael Vlachakis May 15, 2018
The Avengers #181

After the fallout of Infinity War, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is about to take a fun and quark-y (pun intended) turn with the release of Ant Man and the Wasp, July 6th.  Speculation about this movie is that it will tie the events of Infinity War towards Phase IV for Marvel. I see an opportunity to pick up one of the two Scott Lang Ant Man first appearance comics prior to a price spike.  With new characters, a solid cast, a new “realm” of possibilities, and a commitment to fun Ant Man is set to grow giant.

Characters are the driving force for this franchise.  As the title suggests, the Wasp should be a focus for Marvel since she appears to be the fierce, independent female character that the audience has been waiting for (I know Black Widow fans, but Marvel has dropped the ball thus far).  Traditional thinking says that a secondary hero has the ability to detract from the star, however, it is my belief that Wasp will only enhance Ant Man’s dynamic and make him a stronger, more likable character. Paul Rudd has done a great job of being the comic relief for Marvel, while still managing to be a viable super hero among many of Marvel’s greats.  Likability is undervalued when investing. As with stocks, invest in what you like…and it is difficult not to like Paul Rudd or his Scott Lang character.

Let’s also not forget the introduction of the Quantum Zone and its impact.  What will the new realm mean for Ant Man and the Marvel Universe? Besides cool visuals, will we be treated to a surprise lurking unexpectedly?  Has the Quantum version of Thanos been plotting for years? Does Scott develop new and powerful abilities? Unlikely…but there is always hope for something unlikely in the miniscule, ever expansive Quantum Zone.  We already know that the original Wasp (Janet van Dyne) is expected to make an appearance after disappearing into the Quantum zone years ago. Whatever secrets she may be holding can only mean twists for the plot and increased future prices for Ant Man.

Ant Man (Scott Lang) First Appearances

Much like the backstories from the MCU the comics follow a similar outline.  The original Ant Man, Hank Pym, eventually relinquishes the title to Scott Lang.  Titles like Avengers #181 (First Appearance of Scott Lang) or Marvel Premiere #47 (First Scott Lang as Ant Man II) should be a smart investment as the character is further developed on screen.  Avengers # 181 is still the more affordable of the two with prices for a 9.8 running around $300.  You can still get a steal in the high $200s range even as copies sell for nearly $400.  Avengers #181 may be the better value for several reasons.  Detailed analysis shows a 19.7% growth in this book.  The price point is still below the Marvel Premiere #47 range of $500-$600, which has also seen a declining price trend at 2.7% (The good news is in the detailed analysis but in a shorter time frame, it appears that MP#47 is turning towards an increase).  Let also give credit to Marvel Premiere #47 for better cover art, which in my mind is the reason for the price gap despite Avengers #181 being the character’s first appearance.  Although the value for these titles has been steadily increasing the past year, it may be a great time to get in before the pop.  Each title has a 9.8 Census over 100, which indicates that copies will be available and hitting the market. Despite the higher price point, these Bronze Age classics are poised to be great long-term investments for your collection.

Now, if the Gauntlet erased Scott with the snap….belay my last!

Are there any characters you’re hoping will show up in the Quantum Zone?  Does Ant Man have the star power to be a franchise lead? Who is your MCU sleeper?  Drop your comments and join in the conversation.