What Netflix and Millarworld Mean to You

Matt Tuck Oct 4, 2017
Huck #1

Back in August, Netflix purchased Mark Millar’s publishing company, Millarworld. That came on the heels of Disney announcing that it would be starting its own streaming service, and that Netflix would no longer be the exclusive online streaming service of all things Disney, including Marvel.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t watch the latest seasons of “Daredevil,” “The Punisher,” or “Jessica Jones” on Netflix, but it does mean that the Marvel and Star Wars films will be leaving Netflix in 2019. Thus the purchase of Millarworld commenced.

If you’re like me, you didn’t actually know much about Millarworld off the top of your head. I’m sure many of you did the research on the comic publisher and might even be interested in reading some of the comics. And that’s exactly what this purchase means to you, the comic book collector.

Mark Millar is a recognizable name in the comic world, and you may be more familiar with his Millarworld comics than you realized thanks to a couple of film franchises: “Kingsman” and “Kick Ass.” In fact, if you like the movies, you’ll probably like the comics as the films are very true to their source material.

With Netflix buying out the company, you can expect to see original movies and series based on the newly-acquired Millarworld properties. Considering how quickly prices rise whenever there’s an announcement about a new show or movie based on a comic, it’s safe to say that Millarworld will be getting much more popular both on screens and on paper.

Here’s a few titles you may want to get your hands on before the announcements start rolling in.


What happens when the heroes have defeated all the villians? They become celebrities and lose what made them super in the first place. The premise reminds me of “Mystery Men,” in that the super villains are all gone, and the heroes are living off their legacies. Considering this is a Mark Millar title, though, it’s a bit darker than the Ben Stiller flick. This series, as the title implies, focuses on the large shadow left by the original heroes and the predecessors who are trying to carve out their own legacy. Think “Teen Titans” but without the villains they need to establish themselves as legitimate heroes.


“Huck” is a series about a guy with superpowers who simply does good. He doesn’t wear a flashy costume or need his face on the evening news (does anyone still watch the evening news? Maybe I should have said YouTube.). He just does the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. Huck would be a likely candidate for a Netflix show because it wouldn’t take a billion-dollar budget to pull off the special effects needed to pull it off.


If we’re talking about a big-budget summer spectacular, then “Empress” will make for a great choice. This sci-fi epic (and those typically bring in loads of money) centers on a mother’s love for her children and the willingness to face all odds to protect them. “Empress” follows the queen to an evil emperor who chooses to take their children and run from the horrible life she’s known. Along with her bodyguard, they travel the universe as her evil husband pursues them.