Ultimate Spider-Man Sales Jump

Matt Tuck Jul 20, 2017
Ultimate Fallout #4

Much has been said lately about “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” and not all of it good.

“Homecoming,” while it started with a huge opening weekend, has dropped at the box office. Despite the lackluster reception, “Homecoming” is nevertheless promoting interest in the Spider-Man universe especially since his inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after “Captain America: Civil War.”

That brings us to Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man.

Although Miles was not named directly, the nod toward him being in the MCU was clear in “Homecoming.” About halfway into the movie, Peter Parker confronts a criminal named Aaron Davis, who mentions having a nephew. In the Ultimate universe, Davis is Miles’ uncle. It’s safe to say that, sooner or later, Marvel will introduce Miles to the silver screen.

For those who need a refresher on Miles Morales, here’s the brief version. Miles was originally part of the Ultimate line of Marvel comics, and in that universe, he was bitten by a spider created in an Oscorp lab. It gave him powers similar to Peter Parker, but with a few differences, like camouflage. A few months later, the Ultimate Peter Parker died and Miles picked up the mantle of Spider-Man. These days, after the events of Secret Wars, Miles is part of the regular Marvel Universe.

Miles, though controversial initially, has been a relatively popular character in the Marvel Universe. Ever since his indirect mention in “Homecoming,” his key issues have seen a surge in sales.

In the past month, Miles’ first appearance in “Ultimate Fallout” #4 has moved up 43 places in the Hottest Comics category on GoCollect.com. Currently it is the fourth most actively sold graded comic on eBay since June. Over the last three months, “Ultimate Fallout” #4 graded at a 9.8 is averaging a little over $200. Although a bit pricey, you would be making a good investment in this one if you can get a high grade copy for closer to $100-$150. Once Marvel inevitably makes the announcement that the Ultimate Spider-Man will be appearing in a film, that price is going to skyrocket. Now would be the time to go prowling eBay for a reasonably-priced copy.

Since we have our first Ultimate universe character officially part of the MCU, it leaves me to wonder, what other Ultimate versions of iconic characters might we see on screen? I’m guessing that the Ultimate universe, likely to be called something different, will make its way into the MCU. Not only do we have Miles now in the same New York City as Peter Parker, but the Ancient One explained the existence of the multiverse to Doctor Strange in his self-titled movie. That in itself sets the stage for the Ultimate universe, but there’s more.

With “Infinity War” on the horizon, Thanos will, at some point, get the Infinity Gauntlet. That could easily lead to opening portals or whatnot to alternate dimensions.

If Marvel Studios ventures into the Ultimate universe, the sales for the original run of Ultimate comics will explode. Personally, I’m picking up some of the key Ultimate comics whenever I find them at cheap prices on the speculation that Marvel will open the gates to a separate MCU.

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