Tips for the Silver Age of Batman

Norman G. Robinson III Feb 1, 2018
Batman #190

The Silver Age of comics holds a ton of value and is usually profitable. But certain books are more accessible to sell online or more liquid than other titles. One of those series is Batman volume one, specifically Batman #190 the second appearance of the Penguin in the Silver Age. This comic script was a team effort: Fox, Boltinoff, Schiff with art by Infantino, and Sheldon. An essential book with a great cover is an easy resell. There are not enough Silver Age Batman #190's available, or enough Batman titles (SA) period, to meet demand.

Penguins can bite, and this one has been chewing up the rankings and is currently 329th. Batman #190 has moved 223 spots to this mid 300's ranking of the most popular Silver Age comics (GoCollect). It has a way to go before hitting top 100. This comic represents value and a great place to either invest or speculate. Over the last six months, this comic has shown increases to the tune of 31% in a 9.6 or near mint plus grade (GoCollect). Batman #190 has a total of 14 sales at favorable fair market value over the last six months.

There is no catalyst on the horizon for another Batman movie apart from Justice League. I don't think DC is going to go down that path for at least the next few years, after all, what can compare to Chris Nolan's Dark Knight trifecta? If you trade in Batman comics; know that the uptick in price is organic and not spurred by a movie. Add to that, the continuing reduction of available copies as more and more Millennials take up collecting comics and you have the recipe for an excellent long-term investment.

Waddle down to your favorite comic shop and see how deep their Silver Age back issue bin goes. If not, you can hopefully find something on eBay. This book can be turned around and sold for a small profit or held for a more prominent return 2-3 years from now, buy a copy to read in your Batcave now!

Death Takes a Bow

The Mighty Thor is a fantastic Marvel character. Thor is the brilliant synthesis of ancient legend and famous superhero. He first appeared in the comic Journey Into Mystery #83. Thor has been one of the leading draws for many Marvel movies. My personal favorite is the first Avengers movie, after all, Thor knocks out the Hulk.

Even though he is a god, Thor can still die and is merely long-lived for a mortal. If there is one entity that could best Thor, it is Hela the Goddess of Death, played by the indomitable Cate Blanchett in Thor: Ragnarok. The best scene in the whole movie is her shattering Thor's hammer! This femme fatale of Marvel has her first cover appearance in The Mighty Thor #150, script by the ever-present Stan Lee and art by renowned legend Jack Kirby. This comic is the first appearance of Hela Goddess of Death, from the Asgardian plain.

This book has needed help to get some sunlight but deserves a place of honor and glory. After all Thor #150 has moved up the popularity rankings 401 spots to land at 317th most popular comic. A ways to go, I know. But this comic shows positive returns across the board and some of those have been as high as 178% in grade very fine plus (8.5) with about 32 sales over two years (GoCollect). Recently prices have fallen up to 63% because the movie was released in late 2017; which makes this a perfect entry point for long-term investing. Short-term speculators might want to evade Hela's touch for now.

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