Timing Deadpool

Norman G. Robinson III Feb 20, 2018
Deadpool #1

Timing your comic book purchase is essential for profitable speculating. Do you buy Black Panther now while his movie is hot; or should you buy Deadpool set for release May 2018, three months from now? When you purchase is crucial to when you sell; comic books are no exception. Jump too soon, and you spend too much and lose value. If you Jump too late, you will miss the opportunity and uptick in price. What to do?

The answer: buy Deadpool #1 now, well ahead of the movie and well ahead of the hype. It was written by Fabian Nicieza with pencils by Joe Madureira. In recent three months, this book has topped 17% return in 9.2 near mint plus grade. Longer term this is not the best book to own, but short-term as speculation it is Chimichanga hot!

The Black Panther movie is all the rage right now. This movie has everyone's inner panther trapped in the hype. For comic books like Black Panther #1 (1977), current prices are inflated. Moreover, the time to buy Black Panther is not now. Right now the movie is in theatres, hot; but six months ago would have been the perfect time to buy. If we take this approach, instead of overpaying for the current hot item; we will instead wait and look for the best deal on a comic book that has a movie due out later in the year. My first choice now would be Deadpool #1 his first self-titled comic, and still far enough away to have some upside.

Purchasing Event Comics

During the 1980's theme events for the big publishers were all the rage. DC had Crisis on Infinite Earths which combined their multiverse into one. The Secret Wars was Marvel's answer to DC's Crisis. The Secret Wars #1 (1984) set up the Marvel Universe to create some new characters. For instance, the first appearance of the Beyonder. This entity was a weird and zany creature kind of akin to the "Squire of Gothos" from Star Trek TOS. The premise of this comic book series: All villains and heroes are taken from the Earth and brought to an alien world where they must fight for survival against their mortal enemies.

Comic book series do not always reach a collectible level of return. This particular Secret Wars Saga has reached a sufficient level of profit and is worth speculating. Currently, Secret Wars #1 is at 47th place as the most popular Bronze Age comic book. Jim Shooter wrote the script with marvelous Mike Zeck on pencils. Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #1 has returned 25% over the last two years for a slabbed 9.8 grade. Unfortunately, the lower grade books have lagged with an 8.5 only showing a 3% return.

Considering there is no single catalyst for this comic, no movie or series, the fact it has returned anything as a minor key is encouraging. Over the last three months, there has been an increased interest and good speculative rate of return. This series gives rise to Secret Wars #8 and the beginning of fan-favorite Venom. Get drafted into the Secret Wars and pick up a copy now or move to Canada.

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