Threat Level: Red

Norman G. Robinson III Mar 1, 2018
The Amazing Spider-man #795

Red-Goblin is the next big story about to hit Marvel like a shockwave. The media chatter is about a new villain being created in Amazing Spider-Man #795.This new creature; part Goblin and part Carnage, will be known as Red-Goblin. But wait, is it Red-Gobie's first appearance, or quite possibly just a cameo?

According to the current media frenzy, this will be the creation of a combo character from the villains Carnage and Green Goblin. This combo villain is a new incarnation of Gobie. Much like Totally Awesome Hulk #22; this is the first appearance of yet another amalgam character with two existing super beings combined into one entity. ASM #795 has a beautiful cover done by none other than Alex Ross himself, writing handled by Dan Slott and Christos Gage.

Currently, only raw copies are available of ASM #795, and you have to buy them in advance. The first print is going for around $15-20 and is continuing to rise. With a lot of hype around this comic, everyone is trying to catch this on the web now before the price goes nuclear. What if it turns out ASM #795 is just the cameo? Furthermore, what if the first full appearance of Red Goblin is actually in #796? Answer: “Buy 'em all!” Let's follow the storyline and see if we can discover the truth regarding #795.

The Red-Goblin story has Spider-Man going to Dr. Strange for help. Loki has assumed Dr. Strange's identity, lousy news for Spidey. During their confrontation, and or discussion between Spidey and Loki; we see Red Goblin created toward the very end of this book. We are not sure if it is one page or one panel. But if it is on the last page; then this seems like a cameo situation.

Could this be Marvel hype with the character only doing a brief cameo appearance? Perhaps, they are using the Threat Level: Red storyline to boost sales. Just to be on the safe side, buy at least one of each Amazing Spider-Man #795 and #796, "nuff said!"

Note: Reminder that first "full" appearance CGC designates will be the valuable one to own, not a cameo.

Lucky Number 13

This week GoCollect has one of Todd McFarlane’s favored creations Spider-Man #1 (Silver Edition 1990) becoming the 13th most popular comic of the Modern Age. Yep, lucky thirteen. Todd McFarlane does the story, cover, and interior pages; why didn't he do the editing too? After all, he did everything else! Of course, you’ve got to give him props he did it right. This comic has shown tenacity and is so very cheap. After all, you can pick up a CGC 9.8 for around $50-60 on eBay.

The finances are right as rain for Spider-Man #1 (Silver Edition 1990), a current near mint plus (9.8) returned 85.9%, hard to believe. Even a grade of very fine plus (8.5) will yield 8.9% about equal to a stock market return (GoCollect). This comic has been wall crawling its way up the rankings, after all, millennials grew up with this story.

Warning there was a vast amount of Spider-Man #1 printed in 1990. Usually, this would be the death cry of reasonable speculation. Consequently, CGC has huge current inventory 6129 slabs, and more than half are 9.8! Shocker hmmm? As a sustainable investment vehicle who knows; but given it has already provided an excellent return to date perhaps a buy and sell into the Venom movie will create profit. The second option is to buy and sell it into Spider-Man 2 coming out later this summer. Be careful this is not Amazing Spider-Man #1 from 1963. Unfortunately, since it is from 1990 and over printed, this comic is a short-term resell; catch and release just like fishing.

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