The Symbiotic Ride of Your Life

Norman G. Robinson III May 10, 2018
Venom: Lethal Protector #1

With the Venom movie due out in October 2018 anything with his name is hot. Venom: Lethal Protector #1 is such a comic. In fact, over the past two years a (9.9) has returned a shocking 600%! The crazy thing is, this key is still at a rock-bottom price point. Big warning here, during the 1990’s many copies were produced, don’t get carried away.

Venom: Lethal Protector #1

Even the lower grades in Lethal Protector #1 show excellent returns over several years. For instance, a very good (5.0) sold for $55 last year. In addition, the higher grades also had positive returns with a (9.0) at 42.7% ROI, and a recent sales price of $81. In mint condition a (9.8), has returned of 23.4% with a robust 780 sales and a very consistent uptrend (GoCollect). These positive returns exceed most stocks in the SP500. The Lethal ROI combined with the hype for the upcoming movie, prove Venom is here to stay.

Stallone as Venom?

This is the second inning of Venom, we have seven more to go. With the great lead actor Tom Hardy this film should be very successful. If Venom takes the box office by storm; then isn’t this just the beginning for this character and more importantly this speculation? More folks will jump on the Venom bandwagon once the movie arrives in a theater near you. Don’t be slathering for a copy when Venom VIII finally goes on the big screen starring none other than, Sylvester Stallone (“Yo, Adrian!”). At that point; it is too late to buy. Snap one of these comics up now and hold on for the symbiotic ride of your life.

Peter vs. Shatterstar

Are there any characters that spur confidence like Deadpool and Domino? The short answer is: No! In the upcoming Deadpool 2 trailers, many other crazy characters have appeared to tease us. Two, that jump to mind are Shatterstar and the everyman, a guy named Peter. Shatterstar looks like he escaped from a 1980’s rave party, contrasted by Peter who might have just walked out of a Starbucks. Let’s compare these two crazy characters and suss-out any speculations.

Shatterstar is like the name of lousy laundry detergent. This character is so redundant and unnecessary for Deadpool 2’s success. In a bird shell; he has super strength, reflexes, martial arts, swordsmanship, healing, shockwaves and teleporting. Do you see some of the redundancy in this character? I predict early death in Deadpool 2. They gave this character every power possible and in so doing created an amalgam of nothing.

New Mutants #99

There is nothing special about Shatterstar, and with very few weaknesses he is uninteresting and possibly just along for comedic relief. Meanwhile, Deadpool steals the show. Shatterstar first appeared in New Mutants #99. This book was created by Rob Liefeld (pencils and script) with Fabian Nicieza (writing). The last near mint to mint (9.8) sold on April 26, 2018, for $200. This is still very reasonably priced and has returned roughly 44.2% from Jan to April of this year (GoCollect). So, while the character maybe over the top and look like a Christmas tree decoration, as a speculation play, Shatterstar has some merit.

The Everyman

In fact, Shatterstar is so lacking in imagination that “Peter” the average guy from the Deadpool 2 trailer is more interesting. Deadpool ever the creature of whim and wachy, decides to hire a normal human being. He has interviews, just like a job. Which I have no doubt will leave us all in stitches at the theater. Deadpool decides to hire a guy who appears to have no special powers what-so-ever. He might be a character called Peter Wisdom from the comics, but currently looks like somebody, you would meet at a comic convention. He is slightly overweight, kind of a rolly polly nice guy. But here is the exciting thing, it plays. The zany spur of the moment Deadpool, hires a regular dude to go on adventures. Let’s hope this guy has some skills or powers; he will need them. Unreal, Ryan Reynolds has tapped into Deadpool’s core character and plays him to perfection. The brazen, tongue in cheek approach is what has made Deadpool a fan favorite and will continue to launch this character and his books into the stratosphere.