The Joker’s Wild!

Norman G. Robinson III Nov 15, 2017
The Joker #1

“No Yolk!” The Joker #1 is on a wild rollercoaster ride straight up.  Over the last two years this comic has returned 195%!   Are you ready for the kicker?  Yep, this return on investment, or ROI was for a low grade comic of 5.5 CGC.  That kind of return is phenomenal. This is simply a readable copy with some dings but nice color, and spine in good shape.  Essentially, a 5.5 CGC is every comic you pick up in the back issue bins at your local comic shop.

Unfortunately, this book is not easy to find, and is quickly becoming a rare sought after item.  Two years ago it wasn’t on my radar. In the last couple of months, I was able to find two in fine plus condition for under $30 and have already made a potential return on both.  This is not easy to do through ebay, good luck, try your local comic shop.  However, before you go to the store; be sure you sign up for gocollect that includes mobile.  That way you can use our mobile version and match price to quality like only we can do.

Currently, the rise of Joker #1 isn’t limited to price.  This comic has jumped 79 spots to 96th ranking of most popular Bronze Age comic books per GoCollect.  The Joker #1 is one ranking closer to demolishing Astonishing Tales #25 which holds the 95th spot.  This is the first appearance of Deathlok.  If Joker #1, can demolish Deathlok what’s to stop it from claiming a spot in the top 50 someday?

Unfortunately, for speculation we need a catalyst and that might be Joker appearing in any movie over the next couple of years.  Though no mortal man can match Heath Ledger's Joker the last guy Jared Leto, did a pretty good job.  Who’s to say the next version won’t be equally riveting.  All it will take is one more big movie with Joker and The Joker #1 might actually claim a spot in the top 50 ranking someday.  Joker is the most popular villain in the DC Universe bar none.

In addition, The Joker #1 is not alone, it seems Batman #251 has also jumped 56 places and guess who is on the cover?  Thats right, Joker baby, Joker.  This upward pressure on Joker cover appearances is startling. Joker on any cover from Silver through Bronze Age is a must buy.  The “yolk” will be on you if you don’t hop on the wild speculation with The Joker #1 and enjoy the ride.


Like most people I fell in love with the the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and thought what a great comic to own.  Even today 33 years later, kids know and love TMNT. Unfortunately, the big shocker hit home, price.  Who can handle the thousands of dollars it takes to own a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 comic from 1984?   Answer: few of us can.  But we can all be part of the speculation process by buying a second, or even a third printing of TNMT #1.  

For instance, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 (3rd printing black cover) has currently risen a shocking 285 places!  This GoCollect ranking of most popular comics over the last three months has TMNT #1 (3rd print) ranking at 161st place.  It is time for me to do a speculation intervention; buy a copy of the TMNT #1 third printing now!  It will only cost you around $200 in the middle grades for this comic.   Remember, they aren’t making anymore.  

The popularity of the TMNT’s is going to continue into the 21st Century.  They are turtles,  they love pizza, are ninjas and talk like surfer dudes.  What's not to love?   If you are able to spend a little more money you could buy near mint TMNT #1 (3rd print) at a 9.4 which has returned 69 percent over the past two years and would only cost you around $300.    

Cowabunga dude!!

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