Squirrel Girl, Cable and Domino, Oh My

Matt Tuck Aug 10, 2017
Marvel Super-Heroes #8

It seems like everyone is getting a movie or television announcement these days.

There’s been news of reboots for Spawn and Hellboy, standalone movies for Doctor Doom and Gambit, the upcoming Inhumans television debut, the New Mutants movie, and now...Squirrel Girl.

Correction: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.

Marvel editors seem to love her. There’s been issues where she’s beaten up everyone from Wolverine to Doctor Doom and even Thanos. It’s like Marvel is trying to make me accept her as one of - if not THE - toughest characters in all of comics.

Judging by the number of Squirrel Girl cosplays and now a starring role on a new television series, the Marvel editors aren’t the only ones in love with her. If you haven’t heard, the girl from the AT&T commercials will portray SG in “The New Warriors.”

If there is a silver lining, it’s that the New Warriors announcement is driving comic sales. Squirrel Girl’s first appearance in 1992’s “Marvel Super-Heroes” #8 is a popular comic, and the demand will only increase as more details of the show emerge. Currently, a graded 9.0 is averaging close to $85 on eBay sales. If you want a 9.8, get ready to spend close to $300. As it stands, SG’s first appearance is a seller’s market, and I advise you to go ahead and list it while it is hot.

As I tell you week-to-week, movie and television announcements are driving the comic market these days. Take a look at the top 100 most-sold comics on eBay, and you’ll notice that the vast majority of those comics either have or will have or are rumored to have movies and television shows. So anytime people get excited over a new announcement, the sales go up. Such is the case with the newly released photos from “Deadpool 2.”

I grew up loving Cable. As a kid, I bought all things Cable and X-Force in the early 1990s. Since “New Mutants” #87 (Cable’s first appearance) always hovers in the top-five and top-10 hottest comics, I am not alone in my fandom. But now that Fox has released photos of Josh Brolin in full costume, sales are going to be even better. In my humble opinion, he looks great! If you are in search of that first appearance, though, get ready to pay out. A 9.0 will cost you nearly $130 on average, and the price only goes up from there. Personally, I’m holding onto mine. If things pan out the way I believe they will, Cable will be even more popular once casual fans see him on the big screen.

Cable isn’t the only character getting a boost from “Deadpool 2” news. Domino is reaping the rewards as well. As the story goes, the first Domino wasn’t really Domino but rather an impostor posing as her. So her actual first appearance isn’t in “New Mutants” #98 but in “X-Force” #11. That comic has jumped a whopping 43 places and sits in sixteenth place on the hottest comics list. Want a copy of your own? Now is a good time to buy as a graded 9.6 is averaging just under $50 on eBay. When the movie hits theaters, you can expect that price to jump.