Spidey Sense Tingling

Norman G. Robinson III Nov 27, 2017
Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-man #1 (JScottCampbell.com Edition A)

The Modern Age of comics has Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-man #1 to thank for another surge in popularity. The wall crawler’s approval leaped straight up 2,493 floors, or almost 2,500 ranks! Yep, that is not a misprint. Peter Parker has taken this version of Spidey to new heights, currently ranking #94 on Go Collect’s most popular Modern Age comic list.This comic Peter Parker:Spider-man #1 (JScottCampbell.com Edition A) has increased 2,493 ranks between August, and November 2017. Despite this astronomical rise it is still possible to purchase. Currently, on our site a 9.8 grade sold for $51 just a month ago, the price has probably doubled in the interim.

The latest reboot has Spidey back to his original theme of fighting evil in New York City. This book was written by Chip Zdarsky, art by Adam Kubert and cover by Scott Campbell. Just watch out neighborhood; Spidey is back with a vengeance! Even a newbie to comic speculation can understand that a Spidey leap of that magnitude, up almost 2500 places is something we should take notice of. That feeling in your stomach isn’t indigestion from too much turkey. That is your Spidey speculation sense tingling to get a copy!

No Escape

The anti-hero of the Bronze Age of comics is The Punisher, and he is impossible to escape these days. The first appearance of Punisher’s main villain, Jigsaw, is in Amazing Spider-man #162. It has, for the last three months, assassinated any Bronze era contenders with a move 165 ranks straight up, currently ranking 95th!

Anyone who has seen the last movie that attempted to capture The Punisher, pun intended, knows how central to the story the villain Jigsaw is. According to GoCollect, we can still purchase this beauty at a reasonable price. The cost for near mint is $65. Jigsaw might be around awhile, as he was huge in the Punisher Limited Series comic. Speculate, purchase a copy, and be content to be held hostage in the Punisher’s world for quite some time.

Beware Medusa

For the Silver Age, the most popular comic is Fantastic Four #36. This is the first appearance of Medusa. This comic has risen 374 ranks to dominate the Silver Age over the last six months. Don’t worry it is still rising and managed to reach rank 57th, this last month. Don’t get your hair up regarding this purchase. What’s not to like, Silver Age key, multiple character appearances, and not just any book but the Fantastic Four.

I have heard varying reports on the new TV series it spawned, but who knows, something is driving this ranking. With a script from Stan “The Man” Lee and Jack Kirby pencils, this is a piece of Marvel history you would own. That being said, the current price is around $70 for a 3.0 grade per GoCollect. Remember the old Greek myth, don’t look at Medusa or you will be turned to stone; so close your eyes and grab a copy.

‘Tis the Season to Discount

With almost any grocery shopping it always helps to look for discounts, coupons, and sales. The same holds true for your comic speculation and collecting. Check those favorite sellers you keep on your GoCollect and eBay list for discounts. Keep an eye out for the blanket sale, “Everything 50% off!” This is how you can improve profitability in comic book speculation. Talk to your local comic book store owner: ask about sales, upcoming appearances of artists, convention news, anything that can build rapport and keep you clued in on sales. Believe me, they want to get the word out and make money.

For instance, I went over to my local comic store on Black Friday. The owner had a blood drive going, give blood get 20% off, along with a huge sale on back issues. It paid off to be in the know. On top of it, I picked up a near mint copy of the New Ultimates (TPB by Loeb and Cho) for $1! Yep, it pays to shop for discounts. By getting a bottom line price occasionally, you turn your occasional loser speculations into break-even deals and your winners into larger percentage gains. Keep an eye out this season and year round for sales on back issues.

Care to Speculate?

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