Solid Investments for 2017

Matt Tuck Dec 30, 2017
The New Mutants #87

As we close in on New Year’s Eve, it’s time to check the data and see which comics held their own in 2017 and have a positive prognosis for 2018.


At first glance, you’d think that the first appearance of Deadpool had a better year than New Mutants #87 this year. Based on number of sales, that is true. Up to this point in 2017, NM #87 has sold a respectable 707 graded copies on eBay, but compare that with the over one thousand sales for New Mutants #98. However, Cable does have an edge over Deadpool where it really counts: value, and you can thank the hype around Josh Brolin portraying Cable in Deadpool 2 for that.

A couple weeks ago, I told you that, based on statistics from GPA for CGC Comics, NM #98 has been losing value across the board over the past two years for almost every grade. On the other hand, NM #87 is the opposite. Every single grade has jumped in fair market value compared to two years ago. In some case, they’ve close to doubled in average price. For example, in 2015, you could get a near-mint 9.0 for $86. Now, that same comic will cost you $156 and climbing.


This is the THE hot comic in 2017 judging by the numbers. With nearly 1,200 graded copies sold on eBay, it’s been the most-traded comic of the year. However, its rather hefty price tag does make some collectors shy away. The thing is, it’s a solid investment and worth paying those triple figures. Let me explain.

Venom is easily one of - if not the - most popular villain/anti-hero in Marvel Comics, which makes his first appearance a prized possession. However, we’ve been in the midst of Venom-mania since the Venom solo movie was announced. It also helps that Marvel gave the symbiote back to Eddie Brock in the comics.

With the recent surge in popularity, the value of ASM #300 has been picking up. Every grade has seen an increase in fair market value. A year ago, it was actually losing value for most grades. This year, a near-mint 9.0 has averaged almost $300. Last year, it actually lost money and was down to $208. When the first trailer hits the internet, and we get to see Tom Hardy in full costume, all the grades are going to jump again. So if you don’t already have an ASM #300 of your own, you better get one now.


Another comic that is riding the wave of movie and television hysteria is FF #48. Ever since Disney, in the company’s epic quest to own everything in the entire world, bought Twenty-First Century Fox, collectors have put this issue on the top of their collective wish list. Why? That’s because this comic is the first appearance of two major characters: Galactus and Silver Surfer.

Considering the comic was published in 1966, finding a near-mint or even very-fine copy of FF #48 will be rare and expensive. However, even a modest CGC 5.0 has seen a substantial price increase over the past three months thanks to the eminent arrival of the World Eater and his original herald into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Last year, a 5.0 was averaging $359, and now it’s been selling in the near-$450 price range for the last 90 days. If you really want to see a price jump, wait until Marvel announces plans to put Galactus into a new movie.

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