Silver Age Spider-Man #1

Norman G. Robinson III Jan 3, 2018
The Amazing Spider-Man #1

The Silver Age of comics gave birth to the first irradiated arachnid Marvel superhero, our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Marvel and DC Silver Age comics are the most easily traded today on an hourly basis. This age of comics was created during John F. Kennedy’s presidency and near the beginning of the Vietnam conflict! Yes, readers, a long time ago. Today it seems like “a galaxy far, far away;” the Twentieth Century.

My pick for the top Silver Age book is Amazing Spider-man #1. The first appearance of Spider-Man in his titled series; script by superfluous Stan Lee and comic art by the giants Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko.

This pivotal book (ASM #1) is Spider-Man's second appearance and the first appearance of Jonah Jameson. It is just incredible that this book is still available for a couple of thousand dollars in price. Especially for such a landmark character and headliner for the entire Marvel brand. Amazing Spider-Man #1 started it all for Marvel.

The return on investment for this issue is very positive for the last 6-7 years, regardless of condition. These Spidey strong performances of this comic are across the board from poor to a very fine state. Every grade shows substantial profit between 15% to 32% (GoCollect). These consistent results, coupled with rarity and premium key of the main character, make this the comic to own in 2018. It is my pick to be quite possibly in the top ten by year end.

This book even has catalysts with multiple spider movies coming out 2018. Venom, though not Spider-Man, draws his creation from this prime character; he has a movie this year. Amazing Spider-Man, the sequel to homecoming, is also due out. Then finally, let us not forget Infinity War. Yep, Webhead is there too. Amazing Spider-Man #1 has a triple movie catalyst this year!

In summary, go with a proven winner and purchase a copy if it is within your means. To even obtain a poor to very good grade on this issue is an achievement and will run a couple of thousand dollars. Keeping the money in perspective, a couple of thousand seems a little much. But if you are in the middle class you should be able to afford a copy of Amazing Spider-Man #1. It is just the best web-slinging purchase of 2018 and maybe of the decade.

Quad Punisher

The second, third, and fourth issues in a comic book series rarely make a good speculation play. They usually don’t rise in value that much. The Punisher #4 (Limited Series) is the exception to that rule; written by Steven Grant with larger than life art of Mike Zeck. Furthermore, this issue has an extraordinary resilience in price over the last six years. Like its prequel (issue three) the ongoing price appreciation and returns are eye-opening.  

The Punisher #4 has returned 13% for a 9.8 grade over the previous six years.  A mid-grade is higher at 30% return during the same six years! The best investment is a 9.2 grade or near mint minus returning a whopping 63% (GoCollect).

Warning: in the last three months there has been some slight decline for this issue. For instance, a 9.6 grade shows a 37% decline previous three months(GoCollect). However, that is probably just a matter of timing and the impact of the first season on Netflix being released; most of us binge watched it in a weekend and then moved on to other things. This probably slowed interest and purchases.

Buy a copy in the highest grade you can afford, the rise in prices will be consistent just like issues #1-3. With many Punisher Netflix seasons to follow; this comic has a significant catalyst and will bring even higher returns in the future! Quad up with this issue today.

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