Newbies in the Hottest Comics

Matt Tuck Oct 13, 2017
Rick and Morty #1

When it comes to eBay sales, the top 10, with a couple of exceptions, basically stays locked in.

You’ve got your “New Mutants” 98 and 87, “Amazing Spider-Man” #300, and “Amazing Spider-Man” #361 and the like as the mainstays in the top-selling comics. However, if you dig a bit deeper, collectors are buying newer titles as well, which keeps things interesting.


I’ve never been a big fan of the movie and television spin-off comics, but I’m wishing I had bought a copy of “Ricky and Morty” #1 back in April 2015. The premiere issue of the hit Cartoon Network show is in demand as a CGC 9.8 was sold for an impressive $755. To put this in perspective, a relatively new comic based on an adult cartoon is selling for more than “New Mutants” #87, AKA Cable’s first appearance.

Of course, let’s keep in mind that the “Rick and Morty” #1 that’s got the hefty pricetag is a rare variant cover. In fact, this is one of more than 10 variants, including the second printings. This just happens to be a rare comic due to a low print run. Still, I wish I had one. Or ten.


Back in late August, I posted about the debut of the overly-hyped Weapon H, and I advised that it would slow in sales once the novelty wore off. Over a month later and the hysteria has only grown.

Here we are in mid-October, and “Totally Awesome Hulk” #22 is one of the best selling comics. It made its debut this month in the Hottest Comics list at number 12. And Hulkverine’s first appearance is fetching a decent price, too. Just days ago, a CGC 9.8 signed by creator Greg Pak was auctioned on eBay for $220. Last month, another 9.8 signed by Pak sold for $250.

I stand by my comment that Weapon H is a kid’s character that will eventually lose his novelty, but for the time being, this is a seller’s market.


The modern era of Spider-Man has seen several new variations on the web head, and those new takes on an old favorite are popular with collectors.

The best selling among these is “Edge of Spider-Verse” #2, which featured the debut of Spider-Gwen. Since then, there’s been several other mashup versions of Gwen Stacey, most notably Gwenom and Gwenpool. But it’s the Gwen/Spider-Man fusion that is selling the best. Currently it is the 45th-best selling comic for the past month on eBay.

Just behind “Edge of Spider-Verse” is “Ultimate Fall Out” #4. Ever since Miles Morales was hinted at in “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” this comic has been a hot seller. For the past month, it has been 47th on the Hottest Comics list, but it will get even hotter once Miles is announced to make his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Finally at number 48 is the first appearance of Silk in “Amazing Spider-Man” #4. The biggest climber of the Spider-Man variations, ASM 4 has climbed an impressive 240 places to crack the top 50.

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