Metal Madness

Norman G. Robinson III Nov 20, 2017
Dark Nights: Metal #1 (Mattina Virgin Edition A)

Apparently, Dark Nights: Metal #1 is part of a limited six-issue series, about a dark multiverse set against the backdrop of several evil anti-Batmen loosed on our universe.   Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo created the series, doing an outstanding job with art and writing.  Dark Nights Metal #1 (Mattina “Virgin” Edition A) is hot!  Currently, it moved 116 places to 41st most popular comic of recently published comics in the GoCollect rankings.  

Furthermore, when I went to my local comic store, they were entirely out of any version a #1.  The current value of Dark Nights #1 is around $180!  Wow! Considering, this comic just came out on, September 30th that is a huge leap. Driven by two proven masters of the comic book form Capulo and Snyder, such a limited series will inevitably find a huge audience.  Besides, the story could go well past February (when it is slated to end).

The current value of Dark Nights #1 for a  9.8 grade is $183.  While a grade of 9.6 is going for around $69 if this seems a reasonable price; then pick up a near mint plus as soon as you can.   However, I believe only the most die-hard fans of Batman have read these comics.  When the popularity of this storyline gets out, we could get rolling here as a big speculation play on a potentially more substantial media property.

The premise is somewhat cool; it's necessarily a dark multiverse with the Batman and Justice League fighting multiple Anti-Batmen.  They are the antagonists of a separate dark universe.

I see a movie script here for a one-off, similar to Rogue One in the Star Wars universe.  Even without a movie tie-in.  This is still a darned good read and the critics, as well as the public, are going to love this storyline.  The concept, in my opinion, has legs.  Do the heavy lifting and pick up the Metal Series Dark Nights #1 in almost any version but I prefer the version cited above.

All in all, metal madness is probably here to stay.  A dark multiverse fits perfectly with the DC tendency to have dark storylines.   You know the drill, buy one copy to read, and one print as speculation to keep pristine.  I think it is likely that Dark Nights: Metal #1 will continue to be rare and rise in value. This comic could become one of the most sought-after of 2017.  Possibly even leading to numerous spin-offs, but most likely will lead to Metal Madness for the foreseeable future, trust me, speculate on these metals.

Punisher Escape Velocity

The Punisher series is blasting off!  This blog is my first, post-Punisher opening day, and I must say I'm quite impressed.   The Punisher series has some outstanding writing, editing, directing, not to mention Bernthal's acting and ability to play The Punisher to a tee.  I have a low-cost solution to speculation on this series; another Punisher comic without having to pay the full price of his first appearance in ASM #129.   Instead, why not look to purchase the second appearance of The Punisher, found in Amazing Spider-man #135.  Pick up a grade 5.0 or 5.5, not hard to do for $59 or so.

The Punisher popularity is just getting started.  Watch it expand and increase the value of any Punisher comics.  In an earlier blog post, I had written about the potential for a huge hit.  Now after having binge-watched most of the series, I am sure that we have a popular show on our hands!  It makes good sense to jump in now with some additional minor keys.

Though it seems old school, The Punisher is just getting started in the mainstream media.  Speculation could get a little ripe, why not own a bit of  Amazing Spider-man and second appearance of the Punisher and purchase a copy of ASM #135 today.   Don't punish your wallet provide for the future, by speculating on the current popularity of The Punisher Netflix series, buy a second Punisher appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #135. You will own Spider-man, Punisher, and be strapped in for the speculative ride ahead!

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