Losing Ground in the Top-100 Hottest Comics

Matt Tuck Aug 20, 2017
The Amazing Spider-Man #121

Losing Ground in the top-100 Hottest Comics: Spider-Man

When one comic rises in the ranks, others inevitably have to drop. Such is the case with several Spider-Man titles that are typical solid investments. Let’s face it, when the death of Gwen Stacy in “Amazing Spider-Man” #121 loses 49 spots and is in danger of dropping out of the top 100, something is definitely happening.


That’s the obvious question. Spider-Man titles are some of the more reliable investments regardless of what’s happening in the market due to his everlasting popularity. But at the moment, Spider-Man

One theory is that it is tied to the lackluster reception of “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” After receiving so much hype and excitement, Marvel Studios’ latest addition to the MCU has been met with much criticism. That could have investors backpedaling as they wait to see if there will be significant changes before the next movie hits theaters.

Looking at the trends on the Hottest Comics list, another possible reason is the resurgence of the X-Men titles. Where the Spider-Man titles are falling, the X-Men and X-related books are picking up the slack. Out of the top 100 comics sold on eBay, 18 X-titles (that includes self-titled books featuring X-Men mainstays, like Wolverine) have either gained ground or maintained its position.

Whatever the reason, Spider-Man keys will always be good investments, so look at the silver lining. This could mean falling prices and a chance to grab up some great comics that will eventually regain their status.


It wasn’t long ago that “Ultimate Fall Out” #4 was a fast riser on this list. After a direct reference in “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” the first appearance of Miles Morales was being bought and sold at a feverish pace. Not only has “Ultimate Fall Out” dropped from fourth all the way down to 27th, but “Amazing Spider-Man” #252, which is the first time Spidey wore the black suit in ASM, has fallen out of the top-10 as well and currently sits in a respectable 11th.


ASM 252 isn’t the only symbiote-related title taking a hit this month. ASM 361 - the first appearance of Carnage - dropped three positions though it is still inside the top five at number four. “Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars” #8, however, fell out of the top five as it dropped to sixth overall. The biggest slide in the symbiote mythos is “Amazing Spider-Man” #298. What makes this a key issue is two things: Number one, there’s the first cameo appearance of Eddie Brock/Venom. Second, this was the first issue drawn by Todd McFarlane, whose Spider-Man run helped redefine the character. Despite those two details, ASM 298 has fallen to 40th on the top-100 hottest comics list.


One key issue I am quite surprised to see take a dip in sales is “Amazing Spider-Man” #129. Earlier this week, Marvel Studios debuted the teaser trailer for “The Punisher” Netflix series (which, on a personal note, looks intense). Normally, dropping an action-packed trailer for a new television show or movie is enough to launch a key into the top-10 hottest comics, but not in this case - at least not yet. The Punisher’s first appearance, with the iconic cover of Spider-Man in his crosshairs, has lost eight places and now sits at number 14. However, I anticipate this issue will pick up momentum and start selling very soon, so don’t look for this one to drop any further.


The first appearance of Black Cat was selling very well just a couple months ago. That was largely in part to Sony’s news that she and Silver Sable would be teaming up in their own movie sans Spider-Man. But like so many other Spider-books, “Amazing Spider-Man” #194 has taken a nosedive when it comes to eBay sales. A month ago, ASM 194 was settled in at number 21 in the top 100. These days, it’s dropped an eye-opening 24 spots and is 45th overall.

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