Infinity Stone Uber-Speculation

Norman G. Robinson III Apr 26, 2018
Thanos #13 (Artist Variant Leg)

One comic issue has shot straight up like a booster rocket into space. This meteoric rise is from the issue Thanos #13 (Artist Variant Leg). It was created by D. Cates (writer) and Geoff Shaw (art). A recent November variant, this book is currently going for over $800! Now ranked 27th most popular recent comic per GoCollect. This issue has a consistency that is scary for something so new.

My opinion on this comic book is driven by eBay sales records for mint (9.8) only. A grade (9.8) shows 11 sales between now and last November, here are the numbers you be the judge: Apr 18-$700, Apr 9-$899, Apr 1-$812, Mar 29-$900, Mar 22-$950 and so on (GoCollect). This book is only four months old, and it already is selling at almost the $1000 level. Maybe the Infinity Stones are the answer to every speculator’s dream; can the stones provide unlimited upside? Just remember; what goes up eventually comes down. Thanos #13 (Artist Variant Leg) is uber-speculation in tandem with larger than life Thanos himself.

Could the Moon Knight be Back in Vogue

According to the blog-paparazzi; Executive at Marvel Kevin Feige could have his eye on a vital role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for Moon Knight (CBR). Feige has been rumored to have mentioned Moon Knight as falling somewhere in the not so distant future of the MCU. That could be five years or more from now, or just gossip. To get the jump on this creative future endeavor; you could either buy Werewolf by Night #32 (created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin) or you could purchase a very cheap Moon Knight #1 from the 1980’s. Keep an eye out and get the best price you can, but there really is no hurry.  

Werewolf by Night #32

Issue Werewolf by Night #32 has the first appearance, and the origin story of Moon Knight rolled into one. Created on August 10, 1975, during the sexy seventies. Just a month before creating Moon Knight in July (1975) the first Apollo trip in three years lifted off from Cape Canaveral. This mission had a crew of three bound for, yep the Moon. Even back then this was huge news and as the nation ate TV dinners and watched the boob tube for the latest news on the Apollo launch. Suddenly, a month later Doug Moench (primary creator) decides to create the Moon Knight character, coincidence I think not.

Inverse Batman

In a weird but good way, Moon Knight is an inverse of Batman. Instead of hunting evil men with wicked souls like the Dark Knight; Moon Knight hunts evil supernatural forces that prey on humanity. He has a great deal of hand to hand combat training in “Boxing, Kung Fu, Eskrima, Judo, and even Muay Thai” to name but a few (Wiki). He also trained as a soldier with USMC and has lived as a mercenary in the past. His powers derive from the Egyptian moon god Khonsu. The Moon deity gives him superhuman strength during portions of the lunar cycle, and an Ankh that glows in the presence of danger and can be used to bludgeon. He also is resistant to psychic attacks, and he has used different forms of armor in combat. His vehicle of choice is the Mooncopter sporting rope ladder and 20 mm cannons. Does the Mooncopter remind you of anything?

Uncorroborated Moon Gossip

At the last con, I encountered a buyer that purchased directly from Neal Adams. He has seen first hand that Adams apparently hates Moon Knight. I wonder why? According to this buyer; (paraphrasing) Adams feels the Moon Knight is a direct ripoff of his Batman and vehemently  hates Moon Knight with a passion. Now, this is just opinion and something that was overheard. But I find it hilarious that an artist would expend emotional energy on another superhero. Yeah, I know, nuts, right? After all, he (Adams) didn’t even create Batman.

The nuts and bolts of the Khonsu worshipping psycho Moon Knight, are solid. To date, over the last five years, this crazy Moon worshiper has had great ROI. From top to bottom; a grade (9.8) has sold for $3000, a near mint (9.2) returned 46% over five years, and the lowest return is a (3.0) which averaged $200 with .6% return. Remember folks that is a good to very good grade on a Bronze Age key for $200, nice profit. These results make you want to howl at the Moon, be honest. Who would have thought ten years ago Moon Knight would have his day in the sun?

Care to Speculate?

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