Flight of the Falcon

Norman G. Robinson III Dec 11, 2017
Captain America #117

Falcon has been the sidekick of Captain America since 1969. In the comics, they are two friends who work together often taking on world-class villains with only their wits and teamwork. The first appearance of Falcon was in Captain America #117 written by Stan Lee and pencils by the team Gene Colan, John Romita and Jack Kirby. Currently, this issue has moved up 22 spots to rank 24th most popular Silver Age comic (GoCollect).

The catalyst for this issue is Falcon being slated for at least two more movie appearances. Both roles played by possibly the most charismatic actor in the cast, Anthony Mackie. The Falcon is a role he has nailed solid and each time audiences see him he provides credibility to the character, strengthening this key. Of course, the MCU creative geniuses realized the actual comic book character needed a tech upgrade to play in the 21st Century. After all, for the true fanboys and girls out there, who doesn’t love Redwing?

Currently, this issue has seen a price decline over the last 24 months; perhaps a good time to buy. The previous three months have only seen a decline in mid-grade copies (GoCollect). However, when you adjust the time frame to three months, then you see the price increases across grades. What does this mean? Captain America #117 has its price and desirability on the rise. The VF to NM copies have seen increases, and the lower-grades at say a 5.5 or fine minus, has glided up to the tune of 61% price increase. This first appearance of the Falcon, can fly very high indeed. You can buy a copy on eBay for $225 in a grade of 7.0, not bad for a late Silver Age key. Take flight with the Falcon before the Infinity War hype heats up the price!

You’re Killing us, Joker

The Joker has been the life of the party since before Batman: The Killing Joke #1 released in 1988, script by Alan Moore and art by Brian Bolland. This retelling and sophisticated interpretation of a Gotham’s favorite sociopath has changed the tempo and regularity of Joker. He has become a primary character instead of one villain among many in Gotham. Let’s not forget the impact of Heath Ledger’s astounding performance in the Dark Knight Movie 20 years later.  Currently, Batman: The Killing Joke #1 has notched up 12 ratings to eighth most popular Modern Age comic (GoCollect).

The movie catalyst is intact with Warner Bros announcing August 2017 that there would be three Joker movies in the foreseeable future. While that is good news for the comic and especially Batman: The Killing Joke #1, it seems fans have not been as enthusiastic. Hopefully, Warner Bros will listen to the fans and tailor a Joker movie and not just carpet bomb us with his images. It could happen. However, current hype of a tri-catalyst, or three movie deal will drive all Joker comics up over the next two years.

Over the last three months, more than 104 issues have been purchased. Most of the gains have been in the lower grade for this issue, anything below 9.2! I know, it makes me want to howl like the Joker, Ledger not Romero. The recent price for a 9.2 as current as two weeks ago was $89 (GoCollect). This is very cheap for an almost 30-year-old comic book in near mint condition. Best advice as an investor purchase a 9.8 copy for under $200 asap. Warning: make sure you get a first printing which has title in lime green embossed ink on front page. You speculators out there: buy two, or three copies of 9.0 or below and when the next movie comes out, move ‘em, or the Joke is on you.

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