Dust Off Those Valiant Comics

Matt Tuck Jan 31, 2018
X-O Manowar #1

Remember those Valiant Comics you bought back in the early 1990s? It may be time to dust them off.

This week, DMG Entertainment, who already had a 57% stake in Valiant, bought the remainder of the company and took control of sole ownership. While this may not seem like earth-shattering news, DMG’s plans could shake up the collecting world.

DMG representatives have said that they wanted full control of Valiant in order to make a push into film and television. Valiant may not have characters with the same household-name appeal as Marvel and DC, but they certainly have good comics with great stories in their catalog. Translate these stories to film and television, and suddenly your old Valiant issues will get a bump. Here’s three that you should be keeping an eye on.


In short, Bloodshot is the story of a supersoldier out to rediscover his own past since his memory has been wiped clean numerous times who made his first full appearance in 1992’s Rai #0. Bloodshot became popular so quickly that by the end of the year, there was a self-titled Bloodshot series which sold very well that year.

Rai #0 lost value this past year, but that may not be a bad thing. Valiant already has a deal in place for a Bloodshot movie, which would introduce the mainstream world to the Valiant Universe. If that movie is a hit, you can expect prices to blossom overnight as Bloodshot gains mainstream popularity. That being said, at the moment you can get a Rai #0 in the near mint range for around $40 for a CGC 9.0 and up to $100 for a 9.8, neither of which is a terrible price.


Personally, this has always been my favorite of the Valiant comics. Basically, this is a Visigoth warrior with an Iron Man-type armor who fights a Roman Empire-like alien race on a distant planet. What’s not to love?

Like Bloodshot’s first appearance, the first X-O Manowar (which is actually his suit; his name is Aric) isn’t going to break the bank, which is great news. X-O Manowar #1 at a graded 9.8 averaged $126 last year, which is an increase from the $99 average in 2016. This is one of Valiant’s more famous characters, so it is reasonable to assume that Aric will be featured in the Valiant push onto film and television screens.


First appearing in Bloodshot #6, Ninjak was another character to immediately gain enough popularity to warrant his own series. Speaking of the original Ninjak series, it was the first Valiant series to rank number one in yearly comic sales way back in 1993.

Who is Ninjak? He’s a Deathstroke-type ninja assassin working for the British MI-6. In fact, his first story had him trying to reclaim the X-O armor from Aric.

Again, you have an opportunity to get a character’s first appearance at a near-mint grade without investing very much. A CGC 9.8 Bloodshot #6 would have cost you $70 two years ago, but it took a dip last year. Now you can have a copy for around $60 at a very high grade, which makes it worth gambling on.

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