Dark Nights: Metal #2

Norman G. Robinson III Mar 25, 2018
Dark Nights: Metal #2 (Bulletproof Comics & Games Edition)

Back in October, Dark Nights: Metal #2 (Bulletproof Comics & Games Edition) debuted with art by the team of Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion. By January, it had reached its peak of 10th ranked most popular recent comic (GoCollect). This comic book appealed to all with a beautiful cover showing a darker version of Wonder Woman, a Metal Nights version. This medieval vision of Dianna dressed in plate mail armor with what appears to be two flaming swords is both sexy and scary. This cover in a word is "hot."

Wonder Woman the femme fatale has fascinated my generation since at least Linda Carter in 1975. My first experience with Wonder Woman was her TV show. This trend toward a beautiful and powerful female superhero continued in the latest Dark Night: Metal #2 (Bulletproof Comics & Games Edition). It is probably difficult to get your hands on, but a (9.6) has returned roughly 17% over the last six months.

Unfortunately, this comic has not held up well during February and March 2018. It had achieved the tenth rank after having risen 15 spots in January. That trend did not continue, in fact in no uncertain terms it reversed. Currently, it is sinking like a stone in the river Styx. Get ready for this you Metalites; yep, Dark Nights: Metal #2 (Bulletproof Comics & Games Edition) has dropped 123 ranks at GoCollect. It has fallen ignominiously to 133rd place, in other words off the map. Holy Hera Wonder Woman! What happened?

Sales have slowed for this book; there have only been three CGC prices posted on eBay for Dark Nights: Metal #2 (Bulletproof Comics & Games Edition) since its debut. It appears to be selling in a raw format for around $30-$40 (eBay). But will it stay there? The big bonfire of Dark Night's themed popularity could be starting to die down. Perhaps the rise of other titles is illuminating our way out of this multi-universal darkness.

However, speculators need to run from this series now. There is no reason to hope it will rise in value in the future. Ultimately, it will need hard data and slabbed copies to increase value in the near mint 9.6-9.8 range. Without additional purchases, this comic is out of luck. Is it a stretch to think that constant eroding of twentieth-century idols, like Wonder Woman and Batman is losing its attraction? I think the air is already out of the bag on this one, don't be left holding this issue.

An Argument for Slabbed Comics

Many folks own comics as an investment. Most have probably taken a good look at slabbing and grading of comic books.The potential gains are enormous, and this aspect of collecting comics is just starting to take off in this century. Sending a comic into CGC creates the potential for an increase in value. Perhaps that 2.0 good grade is a very good 3.0; it can happen.

With respect to all you purist raw collectors out there; I understand the hesitation to jump into slabbed books. Try to think of the upside, protecting comics as works of art. For example, I own an Action Comics #39 (1941) which is missing half a cover page, but I cherish this book. You can still clearly see a blue "S" on Superman's cape which makes this cover unique. Also, it has a wonderful WWII themed cover. Unfortunately, it is only a (.5) poor graded copy. My Action Comics #39 is missing half the cover, writing on inside pages, fray on the spine, top staple detached, two corners gone, two damaged, and cream to off-white pages. This puppy is in bad shape and needs a slab. The slab protects if dropped, wear on the spine, pages falling out, thumb damage from turning pages, fingerprints and the oil on all our hands. Also, a slab adds brilliance to the cover, "The crystal-clear plastic's superior optics unleash a comic's true color and vibrancy" (CGC).

Honestly, the best thing of all about slabbed copies is the security you feel after its purchase. Now you don't have to worry about additional damage to this brittle book. Better to immortalize the beauty of an era in a time capsule (slab); then damage one further. In my opinion, buy, enjoy, and slab; that is the only way to fly.

Care to Speculate?

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