Buy the Golden Halo Around Cable

The New Mutants #87 (2nd Printing)

Cable plays a large part in the Deadpool saga going forward. He first appeared in the New Mutants #87 and was created by the team Louise Simonson (script), Rob Liefeld (pencils) and Todd McFarlane (inks). The price a year ago to own Cable's first print and appearance was $90 in grade (5.0). That was before the recent hype of Deadpool 2 trailers hit online. The first appearance and print are not cheap for Cable. Currently, a grade of (9.6) is selling for $499 on eBay. Yikes! That is a little steep for many of us. Warning: they made a lot of these prints back in the day.  After all, everyone wants to own at least one Cable. How do you get a "Piece of the Action" (TOS) of New Mutants #87 without the cost? Answer: the New Mutants #87 (Second Print-gold). This issue is emanating the shining halo of lower prices.

Gold or Red?

First, let's contrast the two prints of New Mutants #87 from an ROI standpoint. The second print (gold) returns 29.5% (8.5), 57.6% ( 9.2), and a pretty solid 34% in a mint (9.8). Contrasted with the first print (red) which returns 37.7% (8.5), 39.3% (9.2), and 26.2% (9.8). I believe this comparison makes it clear that you can achieve good returns, even superior returns, at a lower price with less risk. I used the longest time frame possible on GoCollect. If you take it out only 24 months the returns are even starker, clearly showing the superior returns of New Mutants #87 (second print-gold cover).

Low Risk

Furthermore, look at what you can buy in second print format; a mint to near mint (9.8) grade sold nine days ago for $59. You can buy the best, at a discount with higher future potential. Or you can own several (9.8)'s golds for the price of one first print red. No need to worry about a significant drop in price as not much is invested even with multiple copies. Do you want to bargain bin it as cheap as possible? You can do that, sift through back issues and buy several fine copies. Then sell them right up to the movie for a 20% profit. In retrospect, the New Mutants #87 has a higher return across the board. It allows you to own the best of a product in mint, even though it is second print. Also, check in your garage, basement, or wherever you store your forgotten issues. See if you already own a copy of New Mutants #87 (second print) look deep in storage. There were a ton of first and second prints published during the 1990's.

In a Nutshell

If you come across New Mutants #87 (second print-gold) currently in your collection, more power to you. Regardless, this is still reasonably priced in second print. It has a catalyst with a movie coming out featuring Cable in the story. It shows positive returns in both first print, and second print. The price inertia is going up, and the first print is sitting at #6 most popular comics GoCollect. Additionally, the second print is flying up the charts and has moved 15 spots to land at 50th most popular comic GoCollect. In a nutshell: you have a catalyst, comics with positive long-term returns, inertia working consistently to raise prices and the second prints in mint condition are still going for under $100. What are you waiting for? In the words of Cable, "More where that come from!"

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