Bat-King (Spoiler Alert)

Matt Tuck Jun 14, 2017
Batman #24

If you haven’t bought your copy of “Batman: Rebirth” issue 24…you probably need to search eBay listings. As it stands, sellers are pricing this one fairly high in quick fashion, with some Buy It Now options anywhere between $15-$25, so get ready to fork out the cash if you want one now and your local comic shop is sold out.

Whether it’s the regular or variant cover, this comic is selling out across the country because of the big news in the Bat-family. Our perpetual Bat-chelor (adding “Bat” to the front of anything is just too tempting) and brooding superhero asked Catwoman to marry him in the comic’s final panel. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with DC’s Rebirth titles, so I’m ignoring my instinct that this is a shock-tactic to increases sales (I’m having a hard time believing that Batman will end up happily married), and I’m simply enjoying what Tom King and David Finch bring to what has become my personal favorite series in Rebirth.

Batman proposing to Catwoman is clearly driving sales, but it hasn’t been anything new for issues of “Batman: Rebirth” to sell out. It wasn’t long ago that BR #21, with the impressive “button” lenticular cover, was laying waste to the competition and creating a feeding frenzy among collectors. Catwoman’s answer to Batman’s question should stir up another round of sell outs when issue #25 hits shelves.

All this popularity for King’s vision of Batman has not only pushed sales for the latest issues, but it’s helping the older BR comics as well. Just last month, “Batman: Rebirth” #1 at a graded 9.8 was averaging close to $34. So far in June, it has jumped to an average of $44. If you already have your copy of BR #1, get it graded and consider selling while the proverbial iron is hot. If the marriage proposal storyline stays interesting and King continues generating key issues, you’ll be looking at a decent payday.

In other news…

“Deadpool 2” revealed a new casting: Shioli Kutsuna. Although this isn’t necessarily a major casting announcement (we don’t even know who she’s playing, but it’s being hyped as a “key role”), this will still generate interest in old issues of Deadpool. It goes without saying that if you can find a relatively low-priced copy of “New Mutants” #98 or “New Mutants” #87 (Cable’s first full appearance, in case you were wondering), you’ll want to grab it. What is sometimes forgotten is that you can pick up decent copies of Deadpool’s second appearance at a much lower price.

With the excitement over Deadpool (not that he isn’t Marvel’s reigning cash cow, but any movie news gets hardcore and passing fans alike stirred up), it may be worth your while to round up a high-grade copy of “X-Force” #2. Don’t forget about the persistent rumors of an X-Force movie that don’t seem to be going away anytime soon, and you’ve got a reason to watch the market on this one. A graded 9.6 is currently averaging $32.13 and a 9.8 is averaging $54. While eBay sales for this one have actually been down at the higher grade, that’s good news for the keen investor. Grab yourself a high-grade copy of Deadpool’s second appearance, and wait for the movie hype to go through the roof as the theatrical release date edges closer.