Are You Ready for the Question?

Matt Tuck Dec 24, 2017
Question, The #1

The DC Extended Universe may have suffered a setback with the lackluster box office performance of Justice League, but Warner Brothers isn’t pulling the plug just yet.

Reportedly, WB is still moving ahead with the Flashpoint movie, and the word is that the direction of the DCEU will be changing with Flashpoint. That brings us to the latest DCEU rumor, which would definitely be a change for the film franchise. Supposedly, WB is considering bringing the Question to life in his/her (depending on which version of the character they use) own feature film.

The Question is basically a superhero detective similar to Batman. And as the volume of Batman movies tells you, comic fans enjoy a superhero detective movie with elements of realism. That’s exactly what DC could give us with a Question movie. So you may want to brush up on your Question lore and pick up those keys now before the general public figures out that this is a very interesting character.

BLUE BEETLE #1 (1967)

Co-created by comics legend Steve Ditko, the Question first appeared in Blue Beetle #1 back in 1967. Originally, though, neither the Question nor Blue Beetle were DC properties; they belonged to Charlton Comics.

In these pages, we found the Question to the be the alter ego of television reporter Victor Sage as he protected the streets of Hub City. Like Batman, the Question had no superpowers, but instead relied on intelligence and fighting skill. He also was known for being particularly rough on the criminal element even in the silver age.

Since the Question has never been one of the most popular comic characters, there’s not too much competition for his first appearance, but that’s good for you, dear collector. In the past year, there have only been 18 recorded eBay sales of graded Blue Beetle #1. That also keeps the price range modest for this key. If you’re looking for one, odds are you will find most copies in the good or fine range, which you should be able to get between $100-$150.


When Charlton Comics went out of business, DC bought the rights to their characters. The publisher then used the epic Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline to bring them into the DC Universe back in 1985.

This was a major event for DC and is one of many Crisis events, and the Question had a featured role in the story. In the 12-issue limited series, we saw the “death” of Supergirl (who came back from the dead just like practically everyone else in comics) in issue #7 and the death of Barry Allen in Crisis #8. It also introduced us to the Anti-Monitor.

As a side note, originally Alan Moore wanted to use the Charlton Comics characters in his genre-defining Watchmen back in 1986. However, DC nixed that idea because if they allowed those characters to star in Watchmen, that essentially would keep them out of the DCU. So Moore fine-tuned his idea, and created his own Charlton-inspired characters, most notably Rorschach, whose part in the story was originally meant for the Question.


After 20 years in comics, it wasn’t until 1987 that the Question finally became the star of his own series. This is where the character was fleshed out and given a more modern edge, which is still seen today.

Finding copies of The Question #1 is not too difficult a task, which is good for collectors. It helps to keep the price reasonable, and at the moment, you can find near-mint issues of Question #1 for less than $30 for graded copies at a 9.6 and below.

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