All Aboard Harley Quinn’s Roller Coaster

Norman G. Robinson III Dec 30, 2017
Harley Quinn #1

Okay fans, get your favorite energy drink and sit down and buckle up for Harley Quinn #1. This is the first appearance of Harley in her title, art by Terry Dodson and script by team Kessel and Idelson. Let’s begin with Margot Robbie, one of the most beautiful actresses on screen today. Her portrayal of Harley Quinn in last year’s Suicide Squad was stunning. Not everyone loved the movie, but everyone loved her portrayal of Harley in the movie. This is an additional catalyst for upward prices on comics.

About a month ago, I touted Batman Adventures #12 as a great way to get in on the Harley hysteria. It still is. However, if you want to push into the Harley speculation a little more economically; why not purchase her first appearance in her first solo comic issue? Yep, Harley Quinn #1 is the first in a Harley’s comic book series.

This comic book is a less expensive speculation then buying into Batman Adventures #12. Additionally, with Harley Quinn slated for at least two movies next year, the catalyst is a gigantic price boost to all of Harley’s comics. Timing is everything in speculation, and this is the perfect time to purchase Harley Quinn #1. Prices are flat to negative, since the last movie, always a positive sign to buy in.

Think of this book as a short-term six months buy, hold, and then sell. A copy of Harley Quinn #1 sold a month ago, for $89 (GoCollect). This was a near mint comic for a third of the price of a mid-grade Batman Adventures #12. Furthermore, grade 9.6 has had a consistent 3% return over the last 24 months. If you buy a ticket on the Harley roller coaster of love; you might be happy once the ride is over, if, you get off at the right time. Reminder: don’t stay on the ride too long, you might lose your lunch money. Timing is everything even on the Harley Quinn #1 roller coaster ride.

Limited Series Lifeline

The comics that support the first issue of a series are often worthless or not worth speculating. For instance, early issues say #2-10 as an example usually don’t rise in value. This comic is the exception to that rule; The Punisher #2 (Limited Series) written by Steven Grant with art by Mike Zeck is an exciting series to read and a profitable one to boot. This issue has an extraordinary resilience in price over the last six years. Every grade has participated in price appreciation. Furthermore, the higher grades are pushing 60% returns. I will be reviewing three such comics in more detail next week.

The Punisher #2 is a comic book that is a longer-term speculation play and borders on investment grade. This is primarily due to consistently high returns on all categories of this comic book. This limited series got such attention when it came out. Once Marvel realized they had a massive hit on their hands; they expanded The Punisher into an ongoing title.

The catalyst for this and all things Punisher is the ongoing series on Netflix. The crazy thing, this show is just getting started. Can you imagine the price on these comics when the next season comes out, or the one after that? “To the moon, Alice,” and the best part is you can buy a 9.6 near mint relatively cheap right now. The most current version of grade 9.6 Punisher #2 went for $60 about 40 days ago (GoCollect).

If you can afford it; purchase a mint copy 9.8 of The Punisher #2. If you can’t, and you are limited to lower grades. No worries Mr. Speculator, merely buy what you can afford and make it a long-term hold, possibly selling after the third season. Every grade makes money on this comic over time according to the stats it is posting. Don’t punish yourself with another lousy purchase, buy The Punisher #2 and hold onto that lifeline.

Care to Speculate?

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